Jaffe Fights E3 Critics: Twisted Metal PS3 "Most Fun I've Had Designing A Game"

Jaffe via the NeoGaf message boards on his latest title: This is probably the most fun I've had designing a game and I think it represents some of the best work we've [Eat Sleep Play] ever done. I think this will be the best Twisted Metal ever, better than Tm2.

If I came off as not excited it was because I was crazy hung over and tired during the presentation. I was up till 2am the night before in the hotel bar hanging with Sony marketing, the Eat Sleep Play team, and others. Also I was very upset because the demo had lots of tech glitches that may not have been evident in the video but for me they really pissed me off cause if we had had more time to rehearse the demo we could have worked around them...

...So yeah, no: I am crazy in love with this game and love that that video- glitchy as it was"

And there you have it, Jaffe defending his game at the wee hours of the morning.

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Donny4015d ago

jaffe you just punked n4g, you fooled us all, come on everyone say it...

dangert124015d ago

i did't know to much about this game so when i heard patcher let it slip before e3 i went and had a look and i do think the ps2 version looks more pumped full of adrenaline and more exciting but if theres a demo for it i'll be glad to give the ps3 version ago

acedoh4015d ago

back the great memories from Twisted Metal 2. Playing with my brother and friends the old fashioned multiplayer way. With a 4 player connection. It was awesome and this game really looks the same way with all the chaos. The destructible environments will make the level different every time you play. I think this game will be a lot of fun and I hope plenty of people will give it a chance.

AtatakaiSamurai4015d ago (Edited 4015d ago )

Now I see 360fans comparing this game to Crackdown2 visually. Sad and pathetic how it's so easy to dogg on an iconic game like twisted metal and hype to hell a game that looks like a $14.99 downloadable game selling for 60bucks a pop in crackdown2

The industry has gone mad and I totally blame a certain fanbase for encouraging the support of crap & mediocre products over true quality.

I will say no more on this recent ridiculous twisted metal/crackdown2 ramblings and will end with MY opinion on the matter. Twisted Metal= Iconic; Crackdown2 looks like utter ass. Call it "fun" all you want it ain't that much fun for 60bucks or even half that price.

mcnablejr4015d ago (Edited 4015d ago )

Theres a difference between graphics and gamelay, rtard.

You have OBVIOUSLY never played crackdown.
i wouldnt give crackdown for ANY 'shiny' ps3 exclusive,
I own both consoles.

Spenok4015d ago

Ok, so i want to agree AND dissagree with you at the same time. Comparing two very different games doesnt make sence BUT comparing ANY video game graphicly should be acceptable. All it is is looks. Nothing more, not about how fun the game is, or features, or gameplay, or online, or ANYTHING. Only graphics.

And about you saying crackdown utter ass i really think you need to get off your highhorse and actually try it out before you write it off. Now im pretty sure you wont believe this, but i prefer my PS3 to any machine i have. And i fully agree with you about Twisted Metal being Iconic, seeing as how its been around since the beginning of PS. Crackdown is actually a pretty fun game. Yea its over the top, but thats what makes it fun.

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Donny4015d ago (Edited 4015d ago )


Eamon4015d ago

I've heard of Twisted Metal a long time ago but never played it.

At Sony's conference, when I saw the multiplayer footage, I can guess this will probably excite fans of the series, but I felt it was underwhelming. I wasn't really wowed by it.

I'd have rather they'd had shown The Last Guardian or FFvs13 instead but it looks like they'll be saved until TGS.


''I've heard of Twisted Metal a long time ago but never played it.

but I felt it was underwhelming. I wasn't really wowed by it.''

Lol, be quiet if you never played the game.

Raf1k14015d ago

I agree it was somehwat underwhelming for me as someone who is completely new to Twisted Metal and has played similar games like Carmageddon.
While it didn't look all that amazing it did remind me of the all the fun I had with Carmageddon which is why I'm looking forward to trying the game at some point.

The_Firestarter4015d ago

Being underwhelmed by a game you never played. wow.... >__>

rezzah4015d ago

Well guess why you were underwelmed, its because you never played. And the reason why those of us who were excited? Its because we grew up playing a classic game, So we know what to expect unlike you.

Eamon4015d ago

Rezzah and the rest of you, why do you feel so offended by what I said.

Geez, get a life man. Is it wrong for me to feel the presentation at the conference was underwhelming?

And why do you feel the need to defend a game if you believe it's so amazing.

I wasn't trying to insult the game anyway. I mean't the Twisted Metal PS3 presentation was underwhelming.

You guys havent even played it too! Because it's not out yet! Sad people.

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krisq4015d ago

He must be one of the few designers which know how to play their own game. Kudos!

RageAgainstTheMShine4015d ago

Hey bright one, + Agree & + Bubble!

There is another director who shares the same philosophy:
He said, "I will never make a film I will never enjoy watching myself."

Sitdown4015d ago (Edited 4015d ago )

Since you didn't have that much fun with Crackdown 2.....can you send me your copy?

Just out of curiosity...what makes this game iconic? always, I think despite Twisted Metals great history, we still should wait before its release before we so confidently give the game all this praise.

MysticStrummer4015d ago

You answered your own question, and if you know about TM's great history then you must recognize the classic gameplay with newer elements such as more destructable environments, more players online, and what appear to be gangs. I wasn't all that excited about this rumored game until I saw the video. Looks great to me.

palaeomerus4015d ago (Edited 4015d ago )

'Iconic' is another stupid weasel word like 'generic', 'immersive', or 'gameplay'. It can mean almost anything. In this case it means that some nostalgic fools can't recognize that a brand is in decline and trying to crawl back out one last time and catch on again (sort of like Mortal Kombat). There are probably people out there who think that 'Killer Instinct' or even 'Dropship' is Iconic too.

I'm not immune. I think that Colony Wars is Iconic. Quietly. To myself. And I don't irrationally expect everyone to agree with me because I'm not some half crazy, self appointed historian of gaming who probably started playing games in the PSX era and acrries around an imaginary hall of fame in his head.

(Personally I started gaming by playing arcade games in 1977 and a had to stand on a footstool to do it 'cause I was six. Later my dad bought me an Odyssey 2 which was my first system.)

DevastationEve4015d ago

I remember playing the first 2 games back on PlayStation. It was good fun back then and today we have games like Split/Second and Burnout Paradise that might not have the heavy firepower but sure do have the crashes.

Hm... I remember Full Auto on Xbox 360 too, that game was pretty cool.

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HarryM4015d ago

I've never heard of this game- that was until E3. Does anyone have a link to a video/ screenshot etc..?

Rainstorm814015d ago (Edited 4015d ago )

you stole the question from my fingertips.

Damn, some gamers never heard of Twisted Metal??

Awww now i feel old......especially since i played the first in my fourth gen of gaming.


Edit: As far as graphics i think TM showed it graphical strength in most closee up shots of gameplay. Download the trailer off PSN, it gives a far better look than the on stage demoo.

DarkFinalGod4015d ago

though this guy (HarryM) is lost but age has nothing to do with 17 and i owned the Atari console and i hop you know what that console is but yeah man Twisted Metal is one of my best games of all time.everyone must respect this the guy is genius because he made this and GOW which are in my top 10 :)

krauler4015d ago

TM is what made me buy a PS1! hehe I'm old

Karlnag34015d ago

SHHHHHH old people don't exist on the internet everyone!

Nike4015d ago

I may be the only one who thinks this, but just to ask very objectively: Did Twisted Metal PS3 look a little, well, below par graphically? Not hating on some of the cooler stuff, but it just sort of underwhelmed in terms of graphics.

Simon_Brezhnev4015d ago

yeah im with u and i know this is his 1st game on PS3 and a brand new studio so im pretty sure he will get help i assume from the motorstorm guys

kanetheking4015d ago

online the only other two console game that have more is mag and's got huge stages by the nuke one.i am buying it looks fun as hell.

zireno4015d ago

they still have looong time to finish the game, I'm 100% sure that it'll be on par with the standards of Sony's first party exclusives.

Paradise4015d ago

I wouldn't expect much from the game graphically. The studio is very small

dredgewalker4015d ago

Its gonna be released next year so i know its gonna look better. Jaffe isn't gonna let TM out in the market looking bad knowing a lot of fans are waiting for this game. Then again TM wasn't really a looker in the old days but it was fun to play.

ryuzu4015d ago

Yeah graphically it looked a little basic - seemed like the lighting hadn't been fully implemented.

I think though, that to keep the action fast, and to have a big enough arena space, this isn't going to be a graphical powerhouse - then again none of the TM have really been standard setters graphically...

I did wonder as I watched it whether this will be a full BR release or a PSN download.... I imagine BR given the presentation at E3, but graphically it seemed more akin to a PSN release.

Anywho, with a year to go I'm a) going to forget about this game and b) expect a fair graphical nudge up in the next few months.


Rainstorm814015d ago

You know thats funny i thought the same thing about LBP1. For while before its release i was worndering was it a PSN title, but look how that turned out.

ryuzu4015d ago

That could be one way in which this TM really innovates - an arena creator. The graphical fidelity would understandably take a back seat.... AFAIK that's not planned though.


randomwiz4015d ago

Of course its basic... they've only been working on the game for 18 months

jjohan354015d ago

Wasn't Uncharted 2 developed from start to finish in 18 months?

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Karum4015d ago

It looked like a really early build of the game in general to be honest, this is compounded by Jaffe saying there were a lot of glitches in the demo. He also said during E3 that they still have a lot of work to do on the game.

I doubt the game is going to be released before fall 2010 so there's still a ton of work to be done on the game.

I think the game will graphically look great when it comes out but I don't think we should be expecting a game as impressive looking as the first party developed exclusives. It's their first full PS3 game (remember they did calling all cars a while ago but that was a small psn title).

I've no doubts it'll look a heck of a lot better by the time it releases and even if it does look average, it's Twisted f*$%ing Metal and it's going to be awesome!!

ryuzu4015d ago

Fall 2010? Did you mean 2011? I think they said at E3 no release this year (I got the impression they were aiming for March/April 2011....).


Karum4015d ago

lol yeah sorry I did mean to type fall of 2011, thanks for pointing out my bad typing!!!

remanutd554015d ago

no sir , i dont agree with you , i have played it and the game looks great , theres a lot going on the screen , lots of action , its gonna be my first Twisted Metal game ( for some reason the franchise never got my attention last gen )

sikbeta4015d ago (Edited 4015d ago )

Guys, you saw nothing, there is not even a release date, Jaffe will make sure it'll look Great...

maddhatter1234015d ago

the only thing shown was the multiplayer and that has large maps, 16 players and is almost fully destructible name one game that does all that and looks as good. also it doesn't release till next year i swear people just like to complain about everything.

fr3d04015d ago (Edited 4015d ago )

I felt exactly the same way, the graphics need improvement. I'm not expecting UC2 or KZ3 graphical innovation at all but it definately needs work

The environments looked sparse and uninteresting, the character models looked very last gen

When I picture this game as it should be, I see very densely packed and over the top mayhem, not what I saw at E3.

I'm hoping it changes significantly cuz its an early build but how much can the graphics really change at this point?

Just calling it like I see it :/

CernaML4015d ago

They are getting help from the Sony Santa Monica team. But no, David isn't aiming for it to be the prettiest game on consoles. He told me that right after he told me that he thought he heard my friend f*cking my mom on the phone (I will never forget that moment). One of the devs also confirmed that they are using MLAA on it. :) As long as it has a rock solid frame rate, I'm fine with it. Twisted Metal is the funnest series I have ever played.

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Newtype4015d ago

so he's trying to make a team based Twisted Metal game...he must have got the idea from the Zipper team with MAG.

rezzah4015d ago

So basically what your saying is that every game that has a Flag match for their online is copying MAG right?

Newtype4015d ago

You obviously never played MAG before, high emphasis on team work. Less on run and gun.

palaeomerus4015d ago

Teamwork in an FPS goes back at least to Team Fortress mods on Quake, Counterstike, Tribes, Battlefield games....Mag didn't invent a need for teamwork.

MysticStrummer4015d ago

Sorry but that's a really silly statement.

RankFTW4015d ago

You know non run and gun team based games have been around for the last 15 years, Zipper didn't invent them.

DarkSpawnClone4015d ago

whaaa?? what your saying is because theres a teambased mode hes copying Mag ?? .... are you on crack. or where you born a idiot.

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creepjack4015d ago

Graphically, the game literally looked like a high res PS2 game. At this point in this generation, there is no reason for a game as high profile as this to look like that.

That said, it is Twisted Metal, so I know it'll be a blast, and in the end, thats all that really matters.

MysticStrummer4015d ago

Silly. You must have an overly fond memory about PS2 graphics.

ZombieNinjaPanda4015d ago

If Ps2 games looked like that, then I must have had the shittiest Ps2 known to man.

DarkSpawnClone4015d ago

Ummm no ps2 dose not look good at all , go back and play TM: Black its horrible graphics wise compared to the PS3,really yeah its no UC2 but TM has always kicked @ss , it kicked @ss on ps1, kicked @ss on ps2 and Will kick even more @ss on Ps3!!!! and you can be sure this game will look better before release, Twisted Metal has always been awesome to play!,Get This Game you wont regret it! sooo much fun!! split screen with a friend is Epic!!!

raztad4015d ago

I'd say TM:PS3 looks really good for such a huge game, with LOT happening at the same time and probably running at 60fps.

There is a lot of time for the game to be improved. What has been shown looks like a really early build.

TM:PS3 could very well end being a big success online. Looking forward to it.

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