HD DVD Group Boasts Better Sales Than Blu-ray

The HD DVD camp touts that its sales of players are up, while the Blu-ray guys' sales are down.

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XxZxX5672d ago (Edited 5672d ago )

blu-ray player sales of course is down. Because that's no need to buy a blu-ray player if PS3 which is same price can do the same thing. Count PS3 out, blu-ray player sales will be pretty bad. That's how they spin which is the only reasonable way to do it and the only way to continue fighting.

Marceles5672d ago

*pats HD DVD on the head* It's ok HD's have an ice cream cone..there there HD DVD...

I guess they have to look at the bright side of everything, but the stand alone players are where it ends

lesbiansonyfan-girl5672d ago


daous5671d ago

Great... ANOTHER troll in the PS3 section. This user just goes onto every PS3 news and CAPS LOCKS a bunch of negative crap. Makes TheMART look nice compared to this person. -_-;;;

And for your information, which you certainly lack of, HD-DVD and Blu-ray discs both can support the same codecs and encoding of movies, shows, etc.

HD-DVD companies tend to use the more expensive encoding (which I don't recall the name of atm). Meanwhile, a lot, but NOT ALL Blu-Ray companies use the MPEG-4 format for their movies. That's why some movies don't look as crisp and clear as the HD-DVD movies. It's all due to companies wanting to save money by utilizing a cheaper encoding.

One of the Blu-Ray movies which DO use uber high-quality encoding is 007: Casino Royale :D

sticky doja5671d ago

Dude this article is in the PS3, 360 and Tech sections. You can read it right below the Headline at the top for future reference.

JasonPC360PS3Wii5671d ago

What are they making HD DVD players for the PS3 now

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RussianSniper5672d ago

They always eliminate the PS3 sales to make themselves look better...

Poor things.

JasonPC360PS3Wii5671d ago

Don't get me wrong I hate both formats but prove what you say.

SimmoUK5672d ago

Seriously that is the lamest thing i have ever heard, Blu-Ray software sales trounce HD DVD because of PS3, people who are investing in the format so early on are investing in a PS3 because they get a game console and a great Blu-Ray player, HD DVD camp are just plucking at straws now...

aiphanes5672d ago

Look at

Bluray disc sales are at least 2 to 1 to HD-DVD...

Woolworth went Bluray
Target went bluray
Blockbuster went bluray.

90 percent of the movie studios are bluray

Why is even HD-DVD crying now...they lost before it started!

DJ5672d ago

for the 360, ignore PS3 console sales, and try they damndest to not talk about how Blu-ray is slaughtering them in movie sales. That's some damn good PR! =]

JasonPC360PS3Wii5671d ago

The HD DVD is a stand alone DVD player which is an option for 360 owners and is marketed as a DVD player and not a gaming console. The PS3 is marketed as a gaming console when it's realy a Blu-Ray player. Isn't it you Sony fans that always dissagree with people that say the true reason for the PS3 is Blu-Ray but when the Blu-Ray is excluded in somthing like this your defending it as Blu-Ray? Make up your minds is is a gaming console first or is it a Blu-Ray player first, can't have both?

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