XBLAFans: Monday Night Combat Hands on Preview

"Monday Night Combat is a true fusion of genres. The title is a third person shooter tower defense hybrid very much in line with DoTA. This should be no surprise considering the lineage of the Uber team: many of the developers worked on the DoTA game Demigod. The hybrid concept alone creates a very addicting blend, but the developers kept building on the idea. They created a humorous, quirky design that draws clear parallels with Team Fortress 2. They developed six highly varied character classes, each with their own unique style, moves and weaponry, as well as a create-a-class option. They then pushed the limits for an Xbox Live Arcade game with in-depth persistent career through single player, co-op and online multiplayer modes. In the end, it becomes increasingly hard to classify this game, as it breaks many typical molds; however the game is easy to describe: it is flat out awesome."

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Clumzyagent3314d ago

Saw this on the show floor. I can't wait for the SoA to start. So much potential this year

cain1413314d ago

A lot of great games didn't even make summer of arcade this year: Hydrophobia, Commic Jumper, Shank. Death Spank...

cain1413314d ago

Honestly I'm amazed this has not been done before. Such a great idea for a game...

crapgamer3314d ago

It looks like the truth. I am amped up!

cain1413314d ago

It plays really well...