Wizkids unviels exclusive Halo 3 Scarab at San Deigo 2007 COMIC-CON

WizKids, Inc. today released its collector's edition battle-damaged Halo 3 Scarab figure at Comic-Con (booth #2743 at the San Diego Convention Center). The figure, which is the largest miniature (24" x 24" x 20") WizKids has ever produced, was displayed as part of the public debut of the Halo® ActionClix Collectable Miniatures Game. One lucky winner walked away with the figure, which is priced at $250. Other show attendees have been submitting their names for the opportunity to buy one of 500 show-exclusive battle-damaged Scarabs. This never-before-seen battle-damaged Scarab featured in Halo 3, is a towering Covenant "tank," upheld on four long mechanical legs. It is the largest ground vehicle in the Halo universe, and its armor is highly resistant to human and Covenant weapons alike. Recent UNSC intelligence reports indicate the best way to take the Scarab down is to climb aboard and tear it apart from the inside.

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ParaDise_LosT5419d ago

Its awesome x) that thing looks huge btw...

I wonder what would win xD
Scarab vs MetalGear(Rex or Ray)

VirusE5419d ago

The scarb looks way different then it did in halo 2.

calderra5419d ago

It IS different. It's even supposed to have multiple "levels" on-board this time instead of the one.