Oblivion producer predicts breakout hit in Japan

Can a western RPG find a substantial audience in Square Enix's backyard? Bethesda producer Ashley Chang has high hopes for his game Oblivion (the Xbox 360 version came out today in Japan). It marks the first time an Elder Scrolls title has come to the region

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Lightning Mr Bubbles4193d ago

Wrong console and wrong kind of RPG.

THE_JUDGE4193d ago

I was almost convinced that maybe it had a shot until I saw it was the 360 version, now I'm just laughing.

lesbiansonyfan-girl4193d ago

OH MY GOD! At least I'll remember you retards saying this SH!!T when Oblivion is a hit in japan. If you lifted your head up out of sony's crouch and stop being a fan-lesbo you know this will be hit in japan.

Armyless4193d ago

The reason this MIGHT make news is ONLY because Oblivion swims culturally UPSTREAM to a smaller target audience in Japan. IF it's a hit it WILL be big news.

I don't mind spelling out the obvious sometimes.

BaMYouRDeaD4193d ago

As much as I love Oblivion, it won't work in Japan. And on top of that, they're releasing it on 360 not PS3. Western RPG + Western System = Disaster in Japan.

ASSASSYN 36o4193d ago

Make the ladies nude in the game with realistic breast movement, odd color hair, and bethesda will have a winner.

okcomputer4193d ago

The main quest doesn't involve a young feminine looking boy with spikey hair.. so no, oblivion won't do well there.

crck4193d ago

The girls in japanese games actually look good. Western games? Not so much....

Armyless4193d ago

In fact everyone looks a little off. But still it's awesome to have a game where you can facially recognize hundreds of NPC's by sight alone.

nirwanda4193d ago (Edited 4193d ago )

all good RPG's sell well in japan and looking at the scores it got in famitsu this is going to be big (for a xbox game) what ms need to do now is get mass effect over there quickly.

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The story is too old to be commented.