Closed beta Little Big Planet already started?

According tot the latest rumors, Sony started a closed beta of Little Big Planet in Europe. received an anonymous tip about this new beta trial. Hit the jump to see the evidence they got.

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Scythesean5419d ago

I think it's fake because Sony would have the TM next to it like they do for almost all their products. I think all their videos of LBP have the TM next to it I think just like that Nucleus game has.

THE_JUDGE5419d ago

conundrum, I hope its fake in a way cuz I wasn't invited. Then again I'm not in Europe.

LSDARBY5419d ago

i doubt it, no way would a beta remain secret unless its just the devs using it. Then it cant even be classed as a beta tbh. Wasnt there this same rumour about Killzone 2?

AznSniper5419d ago

yea but there wasn't a picture like this

RussianSniper5419d ago

As long as we get a Beta down the road, I'm good.

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