Future Xbox Live Arcade Games Coming To Xbox 360

Looks like the live arcade is finally taking shape all should be excited to play some of these arcade classics take a look at whats in store for xbox360 this fall and into 2007 enjoy!

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Krimson4551d ago

Super Contra
Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3


DG4551d ago

CHEA...Mortal Kombat cant wait to pop off some spines online with subzero...and Contra!!! hope its live!

jsuch20024551d ago

I will NOT be happy untill I see KILLER INSTINCT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Original publisher was Rare.....which is now owned by MS.....Cmon guys....we need this title back!!!!!

Dick Jones4551d ago (Edited 4551d ago )

Why bring out a good game everyone wants like Killer Instinct? When you can release a dumb game like Viva Pinstupid that nobody cares about.

Marriot VP4551d ago

"Viva pinstupid" what are you 8 years old.

Lucidmantra4551d ago

Killer Instinct... hmmmm yes a return would be nice. MS has stated Rare is working on stuff besides Viva PInata also might the absence of a Arcade port be pointing the direction to a new KI?

STICKzophrenic4551d ago

They picked the wrong Mortal Kombat game. They should be bringing MKII on there. That game was so f*cking sick. If I still had that, I'd bust out my Sega Genesis just to play it.

killasssj4084551d ago

OMG contra is the sh*t cant wait

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