Playstation 2 Still Dominates the Competition

A recent Nielsen survey revealed that approximately 68 million people played video games on home consoles last month alone. Nielsen "Gameplay" metrics has started tracking video game activity using the data gathered by their current sample of TV viewers. The research company surveyed more than 12,000 households containing about 33,000 individuals.

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DrRage775416d ago

gee, i never would have figured this out cosidering the ps2 has the LARGEST user base on the planet!!! that is like saying "bpeople surveyed reported using Windows on their computers more often than using apple's operating system!" lol

can we stop with useless articles already???

Relin5416d ago

But Sony is doomed, remember? The PSP is a failure, as is the PS3, so there's no way that they can be doing just fine as a hardware company! Forget the fact that the PS2 is still selling remarkably well, and will likely do so well into the holiday season.../sarcasm

It might seem obvious to the less sheepish gamers, but its not bad to be reminded periodically that Sony's game division has been sporting profits since the PS3 release, due completely to the success of the PS2.

Chava5416d ago (Edited 5416d ago ) dripping water the ps2 will leave it's place at the top to the mighty ps3

@ cain141 ---- that's probably one of the best points n e one has made on this site - ms stopped xbox1 and made the successor cheaper, but sony continue ps2 and release expensive successor

cain1415416d ago

That seems to be sony's goal, I just hope the do a price drop before they stop making ps2 games...

M$ went the other route, and rushed the 360 and stopped all production for Xbox...

Be interesting to see which works best in the end...

xmod5415d ago

IMO, it will be 2-3 years AT LEAST, until Sony decides to stop manufacturing the ps2 (the lowly ps1 only ended manufactering last year, 2006). Honestly, Sony might still be manufactering the ps2 in 7-8 years b/c in the new versions of the ps3 BC is less of a priority (one SKU can only emulate 70-80% of the games and the rumored $399 sku has no BC).

Maddens Raiders5416d ago (Edited 5416d ago )

"The survey discovered that the overwhelming majority of gamers spent their gaming time on Sony’s last-generation system the Playstation 2. The seven year old Playstation 2 accounted for 42 percent of game use in households during the month of June. Microsoft’s original Xbox trailed in a distant 2nd place last month with 17 percent of gamers locked into the last-gen green X. Microsoft’s Xbox 360 rounded out the trifecta showing up in 8 percent of people reporting. Despite being the leader of the next generation war, the sum of Microsoft’s two systems still only equate to roughly half of the Playstation 2’s audience alone (the PS3 doesn’t add much). Nintendo’s Gamecube grabbed 4th place with 5.8 percent of gamers (really?). Nintendo’s lovable Wii garnered only 4 percent of players during the month. The dubious honor of being at the bottom of the barrel went to, of course, the Playstation 3 with a mere 1.5 percent."

============================= ===========================

PS3 to PS2 says: "I was born a little late and almost needed a C-section to make it through, but once I shed this baby fat Papa, I'm gonna grow up to be just like you...."

PS2 to PS3 replies: "Alright, alright Jr..... now just take it easy, because you've got to learn how to walk first. Things weren't this advanced when your Mom and I were your age. Just follow me and you'll be fine.......oh, got your first price drop already I see, huh?....atta boy....atta boy....keep it up son, and you're going to be the shining member of this family one day..." =]

weekapaugh5416d ago

even if just a modest percentage of PS2 owners gravitate to the PS3 over the next few years, the PS3 will easily win this console war. The Playstation brand has the largest user base and library of games.

ChickeyCantor5415d ago

indeed, but its called promotion and marketing, you can have an install base but look how well the Wii is doing.

xmod5415d ago


Honestly, do you think the Wii and PS3 are competing for the same market? I don't think so, the two machines have very different target audiences. Its almost like saying the Nintendo DS is competing with the ps3.

Try playing a Wii game at 720p...AFAIK, it can't be done; meanwhile on the ps3 its standard.

ChickeyCantor5415d ago (Edited 5415d ago )

your point being?
Nintendo is still in the gaming market like Sony, i was commenting on the " Ps3 will sell because of the PS2" you do realize that Nintendo's marketing is way better then Sony's?

They are both in the same market, Nintendo is only expanding it.
Wii is no DS so saying its like comparing a DS to a PS3 is pretty stupid.
Wii is a gaming console, Nintendo goes for the existing gamer and new comers, where Sony only goes for the core.

Ps2 could have a large install base, but that doesn't automatically say the Ps3 will sell as many.
Lots of PS2's are also bought by the "non gamers( singstar and such)"
plus lots of PS2's are bought becuase they needed a new one because their first failed on them.

btw Sidor?
the A is on the other side 0_o?

Wii can do 720, its just a matter of software updates, if xbox1 can do it Wii can. I dont really get why you said this.....really =/ PS2 didnt had 720 and yet it sold so whats your point on that anyway?

ASSASSYN 36o5416d ago

Stealing all the ps3 thunder. Go ps2 go!

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