Bill Gates sees processor clock speeds to top out at 10 GHz

Redmond (WA) – Less than a year from his previously announced departure from the company he co-founded, the Bill Gates today outlined his vision and opportunities for Microsoft.

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Crazyglues5416d ago (Edited 5416d ago )

The last time I check they where having trouble getting over 3ghz with out over clocking.

So how in the world are they going to get to 10ghz...

Someone who is much more computer experienced then me please explain..? does he mean overclocked or is he saying with a Quad. because The fastest quad I have seen, ran at about 3ghz for each processor. Is it possible to get one chip to run at 10ghz. really?

I think I just read the whole thing wrong because he said parallel so maybe I just didn't understand how this 10ghz is actually reached.

Lord Anubis5415d ago (Edited 5415d ago )

technology evolves. for instance take a look at the power5 from IBM or the cell processors which can go higher than 4Ghz.

Technology will change and new materials will be used. The transition will be slow because things have shifted to the number of cores per chip and that's the only thing that matter now.

Also, speed was relinquish years ago when AMD published the opteron chips.

mintrieri5416d ago

Size matters. Moving from 90nm to 45nm(?) will create a lot less heat and allow for speed improvements. Also, shrinking components allows for more transistors and what not to fit on a chip. I think the limiting factor is that an electron must not stray outside the physical paths and so they can only shrink things so much. Cheers.

power0919995416d ago

I think we would see this on a Single core, before a multi-core system.

I am thinking that for that it would take MAJOR hardware changes for Mobo's, Mem, and Harddrives to even utilize that type of speed.

It would be interesting to see none the less.

Odion5416d ago (Edited 5416d ago )

ya the main reason why we aren't sitting at 4.0 or 5ghz is because the chips were creating so much heat around 3.5 ghz that they would either overheat and literally melt or the CPU would need a 200 dollar fan, a top of the line heat sink gell, and a liquid cooling system.

RadientFlux5416d ago

bah Bill Gates can be an idiot sometimes. Anyone remember his famous other quote "640kb ought to be enough for anybody".

ben hates you5416d ago

go back in time and that seemed like a lot back then, a gig of space used to cost about a hundred dollars on a hard drive, times change

BIadestarX5416d ago

Yes... this was the same idiot that predicted, "a PC on every desktop and in every home"... freaken idiot was so wrong! I have 6!.... was he wrong?

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The story is too old to be commented.