PCWorld: Kinect for Xbox 360 vs. Playstation Move

PCWorld: Not that there's anything wrong with the hardware. Kinect, a special camera that tracks motion, worked fine -- if not a tad laggy -- in the games I played on the show floor. Same goes for the Move, which behaves a lot like a Wii remote, but also with a camera that traces the positioning of the controller in 3D space, and of course the benefit of better graphics. But before the show, I , and neither the Move nor Kinect have it -- yet.

DJexs4909d ago

It feels like this author prefers one of the other but he is trying to cover his tracks not to piss anyone off. I hate that sort of thing.

Cartesian3D4909d ago (Edited 4909d ago )

Im a hardcore gamer. and I need to experience new gameplay mechanics in HARDCORE games..

so dancing and jumping around isnt my thing..

hope to see big sales for both , without sales there will be no big support in the future (except sony use software to push their hardware, so I dont care about sales too, atleast for coming years.)

HolyOrangeCows4909d ago

I agree with the author that neither have very strong launch titles. I mean, some good titles, but not really any mind-numbingly amazing titles.

N4g_null4909d ago (Edited 4909d ago )

Before you jump all down my neck if this works and MS is profitable again they are back in the game and you can expect them to start making their own games again right? Well maybe you never know with these guys.

I have to admit that is one effective commercial. The kids are going to love this thing it seems. This may put MS back in the game even if it is buggy. I guess we will find out when it comes out. Some thing says they may actually do a subscription based model with live being the system that the subscription runs off of.

If done correctly MS could sell the mini games directly off live with out junking up their retail space with me too games. Plus there is the whole demo thing.

It's definitely not for the hardcore right now but who knows what they have planed.

What is scary is this is the same company that got gamers to pay again for online connection and then they put some of the biggest marketing budgets up to make there games sale. We know MS is cut throat at marketing. Either way it goes it's going to get ugly.

beardpapa4909d ago (Edited 4909d ago )

what I don't like is none of the kinect demos show proper 1:1 or an representation of actual necessity for joint articulation like they claimed kinect was superior in doing.

Where are the demos that showed you could do 1:1 avatar finger manipulation? If you watch some demos (especially Dance Central), you can notice that the majority of the time you don't have to do the moves the avatar-on-screen does. The game itself is very forgiving because if it were 1:1, it would be too difficult on casuals. And again, what I don't like in this regard is that casuals will believe the tech works. Notice in one of the vids the woman is doing a twirl when the avatar doesn't even do one. Casuals will think kinect tracked that twirl because Dance Central wasn't designed with 1:1 in mind to slap her on the wrist for that fault.

Me... I want to see the tech really works. On paper and what they said is very appealing. But I need to see it with a real proper application before I believe it.

N4g_null4909d ago

i know but they will have to make a wii mote i believe, this is slash and burn marketing at it's best, no one does gimmicks better than MS no.

They see what game you want to play and try to out spend you in it.

i think thats what natal 2 is for, kinect is for profit.

vhero4909d ago

Move out 1 month before Kinect PLUS you don't look like a moron while playing it. Not to mention you can use it to play hardcore games too something Kinect simply fails at. Leave Kinect for what it's good for and that's for menu and videos.

Omega44909d ago

I hope MS backs Dance Central a lot cause its certainly one of, if not the most impressive Kinect game coming, and there's no doubt it will be the biggest hit.

As for Move seems like the only way to have a non-Wii like experience is to use two Move controllers and thats worrying considering their pricing.

On a side note there are currently 3 vs. articles waiting for approval, looks like this will never end.

Cartesian3D4909d ago (Edited 4909d ago )

Im sure if MS makes games responsive and fun like that game(I mean support developers with good SDK (: ), it will be a success , not Wii like , but at least it wont be a failure .

good luck to both of them

seij5554909d ago

I'd rather have actual games catered to the hardcore than a fucking dance lesson.

Mista T4909d ago

what is wrong with one Move controller? as long as there are games to back it up, unlike Kinect

bjornbear4909d ago

film yourself playing dance central, and post it

that would be priceless...

beans4909d ago

Kinect already takes pics when you play the games. I for one won't be ashamed of doing whatever. You may look silly but as long as it's fun I could careless. try again trolls

HolyOrangeCows4909d ago

We've seen enough of your posts to be aware that you have no shame.

nnotdead4909d ago

i dont' get the whole "you look stupid while playing," argument. i think people look pretty stupid while playing regular games. just watch people get into any game they play.

raztad4909d ago


I think you are missing bjorn point.

bjorn is trying to say that Dance Central is not for gamers like Omega4 but is aimed to a casual crow. Omega is hyping Dance Central just because he wants the xbox to sell more, in other words fanboy agenda.

beans4909d ago

The remark about Move was definitely fanboyish but the first part didn't come across me that way.

@holyorangecow: The same could be said about you. :o

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jaredhart4909d ago

Kinect vs Move articles.

At least 10 a day are approved.

cobraagent4909d ago (Edited 4909d ago )

i am tired of these comparisons? WHATS THE POINT in comparing these two again and again and again and again and guess what? AGAIN!!!!

kewlkat0074909d ago

confessing to themselves, why buying their console of choice, was the right MOVE.

Again...and yet again.

CobraKai4909d ago

They have these and "most jaw dropping E3 announcements" articles. ALL THE TIME!!!

sikbeta4909d ago

I'm really tired of comparisons, I mean we saw Move working Great but we don't see kinect even working and the pre-recorded videos Don't count, so the Comparisons are worthless...

Gladiator74909d ago

move provide more hardcore games


Hallmark Moment4909d ago (Edited 4909d ago )

If you say so. The consumers seem to disagree. This "ME TOO" stance is getting old with Sony and fanboys trying to ride Kinect's popularity. The media trying to get hits by matching them up is getting out of hand too. Wii HD will not be seen as a direct alternative to Kinect by consumers hence the silly comparisons and sky rocketing sales of Kinect. Kinect will have the same WoW/hotness/futuristic factor that Wii had and the Move will be seen as a attempt to copy Wii.

Wii/Iphone vs Move/LG Vu CU920

Kinect/Ipad-Iphone 4, basically Iphone/Wii wow factor all over again.

shqype4909d ago

A majority of the consumers are not hardcore gamers, so it's obvious that they wouldn't care about the more hardcore experience. Granted Move does both hardcore and casual, but nobody can beat what Microsoft promises with its Kinect platform.

Said consumers will be in for a rude awakening when they discover that Microsoft cannot come close to delivering what they promise with Kinect.

Sheikh Yerbouti4909d ago

It is all about the technology, not so much about the game experience with Kinect.

One of the lessons from PSEye was the need for feedback, for a controller. The only reason Sony has a controller like the Wii is because they think it is necessary.

Your line of thinking makes the Kinect seem like a tech demo for the 360. Sony designed the Move around gamer's current needs - precision and immersion - rather than some new fangled technology with limited practical application.

The author's of the studies were correct when they said:

"Obviously, Microsoft has more distinctive technology with the controller-free Kinect, making it all the more frustrating that Microsoft's own games felt more derivative..."

niceguywii604909d ago (Edited 4909d ago )

You don't know what is coming for Kinect so stop this Hardcore sh*t. Hardcore gamers are actually gamers that spend a lot of time and money playing all kinds of games as a hobby. A casual gamer can still play a game in any genre occasionally and still be a casual gamer. Some gamers only play Madden or a COD game here and there they are casual gamers.

sikbeta4909d ago

You don't know either, if kinect only does the same shovelware crap like the wii, nobody will buy it, right now we don't know nothing about kinect, hell, we don't even see the Damned thing at least working, MS advertising has a limit, if this thing don't deliver what it was promised, after some feedback about the device working as it's doing now, people will completely avoid it...

Biggest4909d ago

Oh boy! One of the "Wait for E3" guys is now saying "Wait for the inevitable time of. . ." All I know is the Kinect has zero games that matter to me. I know that there is one Move game that appeals to me as well as many games that appeal to me and have Move support. I waited for E3 and that is what was presented. I have no problem with waiting until the cows come home. I have what I need from motion controls right now and in the near future thanks to the Move. I can't wait to play Heavy Rain with it.