Ace Combat 6 Most Downloaded Demo On Xbox Live During E3

Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation's first action-packed online demo ruled the E3 Skies as the #1 most downloaded demo the week of Microsoft's "E3: Bringing it Home" Campaign. Over 500,000 downloads in the first week alone!

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tplarkin75416d ago

I haven't played a flight sim in my life, but Ace looks very cool. It has some of the new radar-invisible planes which I've never seen.

ASSASSYN 36o5416d ago

Name just one single radar invisible plane in the whole demo. Hint..."there isn't any."

Lyberator5416d ago

And in the actual game the F22 Raptor would qualify as radar invisible I believe.

silent ninja5416d ago

what u expect with nothing else to downlaod

Xeoset5416d ago

Blue Dragon
Some Football Game
Another Football Game
Plus Ace Combat

All in 4 days, now GTFO you damn Troll.

silent ninja5416d ago

only 2 demos worth downlaoding the rest crap

Xeoset5416d ago

Seriously, if you Sony Fans love hanging around in here, looking at all the amazing games, just buy a 360 and 'Jump In'. We know how much you really want one.

Lex Luthor5416d ago

What new demos did the Ps3 have during E3.... thought so.

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Bnet3435416d ago

Glad to know this series wasn't going to be ignored, I hope it sells well. Online play will be amazing.

Rhezin5416d ago

well yah there was like nothing else

RadientFlux5416d ago

there was Blue Dragon... but still not really a big achievement.

Rhezin5416d ago

no seriously no good demo's unless your 9 and got the blue dragon demo, faltout=boring and all the other sport demo's are nothing special. Pisses me off they should have the stranglehold demo out now, along with a bioshock demo, and MoH: Airborne demo, the new blacksite demo, but no they are all coming out in august another 3 weeks from now. I don't even own a ps3 but seriously they got a demonstration of MGS4 on the network, AND a demo of heavenly sword, one of the ps3 AAA titles. THIS IS BS

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