20 Quickest Ways To Boost Your Gamerscore

Suffering from low Gamer Score blues? Never fear our friends OXM has the answers!

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xXbebofisherXx5399d ago

theres even easier ways to do this.
1. play through oblivion
2. play through tomb raider legend
3. play through NFS most wanted
4. cheat your way through normal and hard mode on graw. plus get 16 ppl to do the coop missions.
5. condemebed criminal origins easy too
6. dynasty warriors 5 empires also easy achievments.
7. cheat your way through tony hawk american wasteland. start a game on xbox live by your self on every level. 750 easy points.
8. x-men 3 also easy

may not be 20 but thats almost 8000 gamerscore in a little over a month of playing. i have a gamerscore of 16428 and all those games i have played. very simple stuff. especially start forward games like oblivion, NFS most wanted and stuff like that. OXM you guys arnt that smart. there are easier ways to get gamer score.

Majunior5399d ago

i was wondering though does that doa4 glitch still work?