Madden 08 Game Preview

It's that time of year again. It's Madden season and the '08 version, which drops on August 14th, is looking like it's going to be one of the best ever. G4 caught up with Rod Moye, Lead Design at EA Sports, to talk about what makes Madden 08 better than previous titles.

The biggest feature is "Player Weapons" that gives the elite players in the NFL special moves and abilities based on the real player's strengths on both offense and defense. On next-gen systems, the game runs smoother than ever, but will also show up on "all platforms known to man" according to Rod.

Check out the video and we will see you on the gridiron.

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weazle5420d ago

Since it is the only licensed NFL game and I like playing with real NFL teams it seems there is no other choice. I just hope it plays well at 30fps. It looks pretty decent to me as long as gameplay is smooth. Hopefully they will fix the framerate next year or maybe a patch later on if that is even possible.

cityofgod5420d ago

I really hate madden they need to stop making this game, it may be a good game and all that but to make new game every year that is basically roster updated with few nuances, ugh i think ill pass. although i will say fifa is an awesome yearly roster update of a game lol

okcomputer5420d ago (Edited 5420d ago )

What they really need to do is fix the online aspect of the game. Outside of playing with friends about 95% of the madden games I play are online and not vs the cpu. Madden 06 on the ps2 had almost flawless online play with little to no lag and tons of features in place to cut down on cheaters, bug exploits etc. The online play on the ps3 version of madden 07 was terrible (can't speak for the 360 although it was probably a little better w/live). Theres a ton of lag, and almost none of the extra features that made online play so great on the ps2 version. In all the previews for 08 I've heard little to nothing about any improvements in the online game.

EA has already shown they've been lazy again with the ps3 edition (30fps, no on field ref, no nets behind goalposts) so they better not drop the ball with the online game or this will be a rental only and I'll be picking up all pro 2k8. I'm sick of the arrogance from ea. Since they acquired that exclusive nfl license they've been the only show in town and have put out half assed games the past two years.

hazeblaze5420d ago

I'll have to watch more vids or wait for reviews. I always love Madden but I was pretty dissapointed with last years overall. Don't get me wrong, still played the mess out of it... but it really wasn't a major improvement over Madden 06 (even with the leap to next gen). My major grip with 07 was the gimped Franchise mode.

I'll probably buy 08 just b/c I sold 07 and will need a new football game to play though.

tomfoolery5420d ago (Edited 5420d ago )

has to suck a big one on that and I think it's hilarious,so enjoy
Ps3 fans,heeheehoho,
30FPS?!!?.................... .... .............................. . .............................. . .............................. . ....................BWAHAHAHAH A .You guys are hatin it!You know how BIG EA's Madden is right?And it's going to wipe the street with Sonys version.
I hope Sir Peter Moore sticks it to Sony and their butthole-boy
fanboys even harder (and deeper)in the future.Wait Beyond!

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