Heavenly Sword - Demo Impressions and Gameplay Tips

Tips and impressions to help you get the best out of the demo.

Here's some tips to get more out of the demo:

- blocking is automatic but you have to be in the right stance. ie.

Speed Stance will block Blue Attacks
Power Stance will block Orange Attacks
Evade will avoid the unblockable Red Attacks
Range Stance won't block

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Crazyglues5420d ago

dam already, I didn't even finish getting the download yet and the review is already out... LOL

( still at 15% it's going so slow -"it burns I tell you it burns" )

TriggerHappy5420d ago

yeah , well obviously if you hang out in the official Ninja theory forums, chances are that you knew the demo was on the store earlier so you were one of the first people to get the demo with a good download speed.

chasegamez5420d ago (Edited 5420d ago )

damm just when it was getting good

TriggerHappy5420d ago

Feel bad for you man. You will get there soon.IS definitely worth the wait.

Azures5420d ago

How quick can you switch between stances in game?

boi5420d ago (Edited 5420d ago )

very quick

you hold the L1 button and attack with sqaure or triangle button thats call the speed stance

you hold the R1 button thats power stance

no jump but you will forget about it when you play this game

It is no button bashing...need skills hehe like me

counter is very nice in the game, you won't be seeing 1 or 2 counter moves but a few in the demo...what else go ahead and ask me

its auto block but if your good ahem like me all you do is counters and can perform a few bone crunching moves lol

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The story is too old to be commented.