First game details on Ubisoft's Lost

Lost the videogame will cast you as 'a survivor' of Oceanic Flight 815, awash on the mysterious island, with a simple goal: "Confront your dark past, seek your redemption, and ultimately find a way home".

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RadientFlux5420d ago

80% chance this game is going to suck as bad as those CSI games. Me I would have made the game where you have to capture the survivors.

ArduousAndy5420d ago

The show lost. So out of shear enjoyment of the show I'll check out the game. Not buy I will rent it.

psycho3605420d ago (Edited 5420d ago )

Its a demo tryout for me. Anybody remember the xfiles game? Man they should just leave the movie and tv tie-ins as 95% of them suck.

Edit: @ below: YOu love the show so you're willing to buy a shoddy game? I also love the show although S02 went down the hill, S03 picked up and although the ending was amazing but lost (no pun intended) the suspense of knowing whether they will ever leave the island.

PS360WII5420d ago

heh yea I wouldn't buy a shoody game but I'd still watch the show ^.-

PS360WII5420d ago

Well I love the show so who cares if the game blows

VirusE5420d ago

I'm with ya brotha! (in my desmond voice).

VirusE5420d ago

PS360WII i see you took a hard hit on bubbles due to the new update like i did!:(

PS360WII5420d ago

heh yeah at first I was freaking out crying consipracy and then I read up on the update :(

Ah well just got to keep the good posts up

Rhezin5420d ago

agreed, plus this is Ubisoft they know how to do a game like this. I hope you get to b!tch slap Kate in the game for being such a dumb ho