User Generated Content: Sony's only chance of toppling Xbox Live?

By most accounts, Microsoft has the upper hand when it comes to online services. The Redmond giant has so far led the way when it comes to offering extra content for games, with the recent revelation that according to Rockstar, we should turn to the Xbox 360 for a more complete GTA IV experience. With its higher user base and deep pockets, Microsoft's getting extra content for their games. It's a bonus not just for the online service, but for the games themselves.

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Odion5420d ago

i guess XNA doesn't exist? Or the system their putting in place so that these user generated games are offered to the Xbox live population doesn't count as user created content

macalatus5420d ago

Sony's already doing it. Plus the social, myspace-esque aspect of Home, PSN will be unstoppable. To all the Xbox Live fans out there: Don't worry, Sony's not going after you. Sony's going for the PC people!! Yeah, baby, yeah!!

Rooted_Dust5420d ago

Why is it neccessary for Sony to topple Live? They are two different systems with different games and different networks. It's not like Sony will be forced to use Live if PSN fails. The fact that Sony gives you every thing for free and doesn't hold any features back is appealing enough for some. In the end the only thing that matters is...can I get online to play some games? Thats it.

macalatus5420d ago

Unfortunately, the article gives the WRONG impression. The only way for PSN to succeed, as I had posted on a related articles days before, is to be DIFFERENT, and not copy or topple MSN live. The trick is what makes being different very worthwhile and unique that other gamers cannot get from Live. An analogy would be like choosing either Taco Bell or McDonald's for a quick lunch.

macalatus5420d ago (Edited 5420d ago )

Oops, double post. The system, not mine. I hate that when it happens...

RussianSniper5420d ago


I'm pretty sure that grants a win right there.

Firmware updates will acheive Xbox Live status easy, and with Home, it'll blow Xbox live outta the water...and it's still FREE.

Bnet3435420d ago

The food in the dumpster is free. So that automatically makes it better then food that cost money right? I mean it is free food, it has to be better. Also, free local TV is better then cable TV, everyone knows that right. Since it's free, it means it's better. Please, get your head out of your ass, PSN being free doesn't make it better. Even Sony themselves know this.

Rooted_Dust5420d ago

but when your being offered the exact same thing for free, yes it is better.

OC_MurphysLaw5420d ago

But it's not the same thing. Not now ...maybe, and I do stress maybe it will get to that level...but it is not at the moment on par with Live.

So for now its like being offered a Peanut Butter & Jelly sandwhich for free....
Or a jucy burger cooked just the way you want it for a couple of bucks.

You may eat your PB&J if you like and love it cause its I will love my juicy burger and know I got a great deal for a couple of bucks.

DrRage775420d ago

yes, psn is free and xboxlive requires a $50 yearly subscription. but let's take a look at the most obvious and important feature that you get by playing on xboxlive rather than get to play any online capable game FOREVER!!!! with PSN, your games have a LIMITED amount of time that you will be able to play it online...and i think everyone can agree that online gaming is the present, and the future of all games.

some people might not realize this because they are not familiar with each type of network, but xboxlive is a p2p network (peer-to-peer) and PSN has dedicated game servers. most sony fans will tell you dedicated servers are better, but for PSN gamers, this means that once a game is no longer popular or making money for a developer, those dedicated game servers get pulled and you will NO LONGER be able to play that game online....EVER!

with xboxlive, all you need is 2 people who want to play a game, whether it is now, in 5 years, or in 10 years. all i have to do to play some of my older favorite games is find ONE other person in the entire world that also wants to play that game. that is the absolute beauty of xboxlive and worth paying $4 per month. I still play one of my all-time favorite games from the original xbox on my xbox360, Crimson Skies, which had come out about 4 years ago. if this game had been on ps2, i would no longer be able to play it online. there are lots of games that people still prefer playing over newer sequels, such as Call of Duty 2 (people like it better than Call of Duty 3). and lets face it, there are LOTS of sequels that aren't as good as the original games, and not being able to play the original game once a sequel came out would really suck!!

thankfully i NEVER have to worry about that because I can play every single xbox360 game that I have, whenever I want, and for as long as I want.....definitely worth $50 per year. i'm sure lots of people will disagree with me simply because i support xboxlive over psn.....paid online gaming FOREVER wins every time against free online gaming for a LIMITED time.....

achira5420d ago

drrage how can it be forever, when 1) the xbox360 lasts only some months till it gets the ROD 2) over next year the xbox720 will come.
and believe me, i can play every ps game also on the psn, resistance, rainbow six, motorstorm, there is no fading out of the games with time like you want to belive us. they are dedicated servers, but there are p2p also, because psn uses both! so no problem here, you can play for free all the time!

DrRage775420d ago (Edited 5420d ago )

1:) if you want to poke fun and say the 360 last a few months, then fine, take your shots if that is how you make your statment. mine is from December 18, 2005 and has not broken down, so let's realize that the 360 HAD problems, but that a MAJORITY of them are functioning WITHOUT any problems.

2:) um, where do you get that an xbox720 will come out in the next year? and if it did, so what?? that DOES NOT mean i can't play any of my xbox360 games on my 360 so i really don't understand your logic with that i said, i can play ALL OF MY GAMES for as LONG AS I OWN THEM. i can still hop onto my original xbox and play EVERY original xbox game that I have online....EVERY SINGLE ONE!!

3.) ""and believe me, i can play every ps game also on the psn, resistance, rainbow six, motorstorm, there is no fading out of the games with time like you want to belive us""

umm, did you even read my comment? you mentioned that you can still play resistance, rainbow six, and motorstorm on PSN....yeah, and if you read my comment, you would see that I clearly stated that once a game is no longer popular and no longer makes money for a developer, you will not be able to play them anymore...the games you mentioned are ALL ps3 games, and they are all only 8 MONTHS OLD!! of course you can still play them!! they are STILL POPULAR and making money!! NOBODY would buy a ps3 or any ps3 game if they pulled support after 8 months! check back in 2-3 years and see if you can still play those games.....

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Expy5420d ago

I don't think Sony has to rely on "chance" for anything.

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