Kinect Available for Pre-order: Topping Bestseller List

All E3 was a buzz about the various announcements, one of which was the official unveiling of Kinect (previously known as Project Natal).

While Microsoft is holding the pricing close to their chest until a later date, you can now pre-order Kinect

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crapgamer3045d ago

It will never sell! If they try to sell it for $149 it will fail! People don't like console add-on's !
Sound Familiar? Crow doesn't taste so good does it people? It's lighting up sales charts and if it wasn't for the new, sleek, slim, sexy Xbox 360S, Kinect would be number 1 all over.
Where's Move at again? ahhh yeah bottom of the list. Slap slap slap slap slap

nygamer283044d ago

well im guessing from the preorders...YOUR WRONG!

DJexs3044d ago

its only:

this item ships for FREE with SUPER SAVER SHIPPING

O and buy it with Kinect Sports for only:
Price For Both: $209.98

DJexs3044d ago

How did I get 2 disagrees when I listed facts. How can you disagree with facts?

Anyways I am still not going to pre order this

ThanatosDMC3044d ago (Edited 3044d ago )

Oh, just so you know. If you ever complain about getting disagrees on N4G and fill out another comment bubble, people will will disagree with you even more just for the hell of it. I know i did.

Anyway, when is Kinect coming out? If it's cheap enough, or i find a $99 arcade 360 i might get another one just to play Dead Rising 1 again.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr33044d ago (Edited 3044d ago )


Edit: Crapgamer, I've read your comment(slowly this time) and I think you're

niceguywii603044d ago (Edited 3044d ago )

Is that sarcasm? People are pre-ordering this and it's selling like hotcakes.

Cherchez La Ghost3044d ago

If it's not selling?! What is your definition of "pre-order"?!

yess3044d ago (Edited 3044d ago )

Pre order= Not sold yet

A pre order can be canceled, so take it easy on the disagree.
The item is not sold untill shipped to the custumer.

If im wrong, please comment...

ryuzu3044d ago (Edited 3044d ago )

Personally I won't be pre-ordering : From Kotaku here

"UPDATE: A Microsoft spokesperson told me after the publication of this article that the company is certain that Kinect gesture control will work for movies, ESPN and other "entertainment" features before the sensor is launched. As I originally reported, that is not an implemented feature yet. The spokesperson was not able to provide any update on the Kinect's tolerance of a person who sits while playing games."

So the only thing that looked mildly amusing for 10 mins - the media control stuff - is also not working (yet), and even if working, may not work sitting down.... So what we saw as MS's output from E3, is a bunch of choreographed vids.

I think a lot of pre-orders will be cancelled or a lot of people will have bought something they don't use.


OneSneakyMofo3044d ago (Edited 3044d ago )

Sadly it will sell just as the Wii did. I hope that Microsoft sticks to hardcore though. From the looks of it, it's garnished completely for the casual gamers.


For the disagreer(s), what game is hardcore for the Kinect?

dirthurts3044d ago

People are missing your sarcasm. Note the disagrees.

Dee_913044d ago

alot of people are about to be disapointed
i guess they think alot of new games will come to it
till then im good on it

fear883044d ago

There are that many people who would be sold on something that does not work. Yes I was at E3 and no Kinect did not work. It does lag really bad. And I'm not talking about a 1/100 of a second I am talking about 1/2-1 second lag.

If you ended up playing halo or any core game with this everyone would just suck. There are not going to be any core games, not even a 1:1 star wars game because the latency is god awful.

My Avatar continuously seemed to think I had jumped when I was only standing.

Alvadr3044d ago

Where does the $149 come from? Are Amazon guessing this?? Way to cause confusion

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FanboyPunisher3044d ago (Edited 3044d ago )

Seriously, I got flamed because I didn't have the perfect prices and added tax i'll fix that lets look at Natal.

150+taxes13% = 169.99


40- (PSEYE)=Motion Control Games.
50+50 (Dual moves)- 50 if only needing one.
30- (Nunchuck)
120-170!!! :(!

Move is the better deal depending on which games you are playing and if you have PS eye (No one on my friends list does). But comeon, thats too much to shell out for a controller, the price better decrease! Natal should of been 50 dollars to compete properly with the likes of Wii.

ReBurn3044d ago

Both of these options are expensive if you ask me. How many people really have the PSEye? Move is really only the better deal if you only have one person playing. If you have a friend with you then you need to shell out for that second player.

I think that both Microsoft and Sony are crazy with these prices. At least with Wii the motion control came with it. For games like Brawl you could pick up a Gamecube controller for $15 from Gamestop if you wanted some classic control.

ThanatosDMC3044d ago

Dont forget that we still have to buy a compatible game for them. They'll probably sell those games around $40-$60 depending if it's casual or hardcore.

I only need to get one move and a nunchuck.

Omega43044d ago (Edited 3044d ago )

Funny thing is according to an interview with Don on GTTV its gonna be REALLY cheap, this is a cut I read on a forum:

Geoff - "ok, are we gonna like the price though?"

Don - "uhhh, I think you are gonna ..really like the price"

Geoff - "are we gonna be surprised at how low it is?"

Don - "uh, we sat through the other competitors press breifings and people were very please with our position, I like being with Microsoft this holiday.


at about 12:30 mins I think

WrAiTh Sp3cTr33044d ago (Edited 3044d ago )

Link or it didn't happen!

Edit: You redeemed yourself with the link, but that "Don" is a VP of MS.
Anyway, I wonder if Blur will end up backwards compatible with Kinect? I saw the little ad was taking a jab at Mario Kart. Oh, and the Asian chick dancing...Hot!!! I bet she's the bomb in the sack, lol.

Wizziokid3044d ago

I like the guy but he seems really confident that MS will smash Sony this holiday season, I suppose it all depends on how much they want to put Kinect out for!

ThanatosDMC3044d ago

It depends on what games will support it properly and how useful it will be while playing said game.

nygamer283044d ago

casuals wiil eat this and move up

midgard2293044d ago

even if this did sell fanboys dont see the point.

question isnt if its gonna sell, its will it work with hardcore games.

we all can see from the wii's success that if the company sells tons it doesnt mean that an onslaught of games for the gamer will come. no its simple stupid games that will sell and people will eat them up.

kinect will fail the gamer not the market.

MS knows how to lie to its consumers and advertise so that might work, but for the smart person who knows it doesnt work *the gamer* they wont buy it.....well besides the fanboy

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