Ocarina of Time Pushed to #2

For over a decade The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time has held the title of the highest ranked videogame of all time, as evidenced by its top ranking on Suddenly, its days of glory are over.

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FiftyFourPointTwo3751d ago (Edited 3751d ago )

and will climb back again to #1 due to OoT 3DS.

ico923751d ago

i couldnt care leass TBH Ocarina of Time is factualy the best game ever made

Montrealien3751d ago (Edited 3751d ago )

I am not sayin it is a bad game, it is among the best games ever, with that said, I think that there is no 1 game to rule them all, that is almost impossible, its like saying the best sone, the best movies, the best band...its all subjective.

Immortal Kaim3751d ago

Exactly as Montrealien explained.

We shouldn't forget the game hasn't been released in Australia yet, we can actually have some pretty harsh critics over here, expect the ranking to drop soon.

thor3751d ago

The only reason it is #1 is because not that many reviews were written/added to metacritic, giving it a higher chance of attaining that score. If 100 reviews were written, a few of them would have been 9s rather than just 1 (I think that's the case on meta) and it probably would have received a lower score.

The reason it is #1 in consumers' eyes is because it is a fantastic game; it may well be the most entertaining experience certain people have had - but nostalgia plays a big part. Topping "best game lists" as well as metacritic plays a big part. The psycological inflation of old games' quality relative to modern games plays a big part.

Darkfocus3751d ago

because there's different genres and different kind of games it's impossible to say that the best of one genre is the best of all games and even in one genre there's games that surpass each other in certain ways but each has points in their favor so theirs not even a best of a genre really.

ChickeyCantor3751d ago (Edited 3751d ago )

i couldnt care leass TBH Link to the past is factualy the best game ever made


Marceles3751d ago

Totally agree Sidar, LttP is my favorite Zelda and pretty much my favorite game of all time besides Super Metroid, but between OoT and SMG2 I'd take OoT.

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Raz3751d ago (Edited 3751d ago )

I wish more games were this good. Too many developers are making knock-offs of great IPs instead of looking into what made them great in the first place.

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TheSadTruth3751d ago

inb4 Uncharted 2 is declared the greatest game of all time over both those games, by the unbiased N4G crowd

fatstarr3751d ago

hopefully they don't screw up in fact, I would like the 3ds to be a separate entity there are many Nintendo haters in the review world that would love to down it to the avg AAA game rating.

Im glad Nintendo dominates best reviewed games lol.

AAACE53751d ago

I can't believe someone said it's just a rehash, when they are probably one of the same people hoping for an updated FFVII!

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seij5553751d ago

SMG2 doesn't deserve its praise in the slightest, its fucking way overrated. OoT is still the greatest.

mt3751d ago

i bought this game this week i have been playing it . it is so fun but it is just overrated.

dizzleK3751d ago

aren't there also about 1000 more reviews listed for smg2 than OoT?

the whole concept of "highest ranked game" is flawed due purely to the law of averages.

Optical_Matrix3751d ago

This. Half the places we get reviews from now didn't even exist back whe Ocarina was released. This can't be fair surely :/

Cernunnos3751d ago

Some of the greatest games out there are love/hate games, which will bring the average down. Ratings like these will always be flawed.

MikeTyson3751d ago

Mario Galaxy is a complete joke.

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