IGN: Beowulf First Look, Screens and Trailer

Ubisoft is bringing out the game based on the movie based on the epic poem this November. It's a third-person action title that's been in development since early 2006 at Ubisoft's Tiwak development house, the folks that put together Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter. Beowulf the game is running on GRAW's YETI engine, though obviously has a different art style, and apparently uses a number of assets being implemented in Robert Zemeckis' all-digital film. IGN briefly saw Beowulf running on an Xbox 360 at E3 2007 in Santa Monica, California.

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sticky doja5409d ago

I just hope it doesn't get rushed because of the movie. But, if the guys that made GRAW are on this I am very hopefull for great gameplay. Is online battles to much to ask for?


I did not know that it was coming out alongside a movie release

That Sucks, Could this be the one game that breaks the crappy movie
simultaneous release tradition.


Probably NOT


Legionaire20055409d ago

The game looks great, but they need to fix the framerate!!!! and I see blood but no gore like God of War for example.