E3 2010: Gran Turismo 5 Head Tracking And Damage Tested

If you haven’t already read my GT5
hands-on preview, I suggest you do
so right now. I did originally say that
I would be giving impressions of GT5
in 3D from E3, but thanks to limited
time and some ridiculously long
lines, I wasn ’t able to test it out.
What I was able to test out however,
was GT5 running with a cam and
head tracking enabled. On top of
that, I slammed my car into some
walls a few times to see how the
game reacted. . .

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ndibu4066d ago

I love lazygamer, best gaming site. . .in South Africa, these guys are hilarious. Oh yeah, bummer on head tracking not working so good, for now. Same goes for current damage.
Btw these guys love GT5 so no bias

sinncross4066d ago (Edited 4066d ago )

Sounds like the author doesn't know much about how the damage modelling works in GT5 and what cars it affects...

Not all cars have full damage, most have cosmetic damage only. We've known this for a good few months now.

Shadow Flare4066d ago

well either way i want to SEE the full damage model cars. I'm getting a bit sick of seeing the cars with the scratch/dent damage. I've heard from a number of places that the full damage model cars have really, really good damage, but i want to SEE it. I'm getting sick of reading about it. Its a bit like the kinetc thing, they talk about a lot of features, "oh it can do this and its possible to do that", well DO IT then! I've heard about this full damage for ages, i just want to see it. And they should be able to show it at an event like E3. I start losing confidence when this happens

deadpoole4065d ago

The thing is head tracking works similar as controller sensitivity ... you can adjust it ... its obvious that those fellas didnt have chance or had option available to them for changin the sensitivity thats the reason they were not satisfied.

If you guys search for "Track IR" on youtube ... you'll know head tracking has been around like many many years and now only its gettin incorporated into consoles.

MaxXAttaxX4065d ago (Edited 4065d ago )

Damage is a new addition. And was recently stated that it was all still a work in progress. So I'll just wait to see how the final product turns out.
We can't just assume things 5 months from release.

I think what he failed to see were the massively exaggerated scratches shown in other games to fool your eyes.

GavinMannion4065d ago

The car that was tested was a premium model and all premium models were meant to have full damage...

This doesn't appear to be the case after all

Cernunnos4065d ago

@ Sinncross, you have no idea what you're talking about.
Scratches and dents - All cars
Damage to physics, handling etc - all cars
Panels, bumpers and other parts falling off making the car look demolished - Premium cars.

neolit4065d ago

I always used GT as a sim. Since days of PS. I always play it first person and since the introduction of cockpit view, only from a cockpit. It will be nice to see the damage to the car model but, honestly, I am only interested in damage to physics, handling etc.

sikbeta4065d ago

Sorry Shadow Flare, you can't compare the GT series with anything, at this time you should know that PD Always Deliver Awesome Stuff, so you're overreacting here, just take it easy, they are going to Show more stuff about GT5, but at the same time everything they show now don't Deliver the Awesomeness the Final Product will Deliver...

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davekaos4065d ago

Best thing to do is just wait until November, No doubt in my mind the game will be fantastic, if damage is realistic or poor IMO im not really bothered, i just want true car feel, which GT always delivers on

W831SOLIDSNAKE4065d ago (Edited 4065d ago )

I recall that in order for head tracking to work properly you needed 3 TV's? Why are they using just one?

clarkdef4065d ago

I used to use 3 TVs in GT4, but you needed 3 pS2s hooked up with that funny cable. And it was awesome for getting a sense of speed, because thats where sense of speed comes from peripheral visions.

But if you had two screens on either side of you,why would you need head tracking lol?

iPad4065d ago

Just wait till GamesCon. When we'll see the final build of Gran Turismo 5.

GrandDragon4065d ago (Edited 4065d ago )

According to some reports the head tracking wasn't working because everyone had to sit really close to the PS-Eye and the screen which caused too much left & right movement on-screen.

Once it's in your PS3 at home you'll be sitting at a realistic distance away from the screen so therefor it will work as advertised.

I knew this was going to happen at E3 because the driving seats are right up close to the screens which is unrealistic compared to how you'd play GT5 at home.

4065d ago
Rusco874065d ago

weatther its possible on ps3 without some form of glasses or head set with Infa-red is another thing.

i beleive that head tracking is possibly the way forward in the 3D generation, not everyone wants to buy a new TV and wear glasses just to play a game

down side to head tracking is that its sujected to one person play only, unless its over the internet.

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seij5554066d ago

"To be completely honest, Gran Turismo 5 really doesn’t need anything like head tracking. The game itself is so incredibly solid and everything works so well that it really doesn’t need something like head tracking to add more to the experience."

The damage is incomplete from that demo, the full game will have better damage models.

GrandDragon4065d ago

Yeah from what I understood Yamauchi did say the E3 was not the final build, so the final form of damage has yet to be seen.

irishninja4065d ago

this game is only coming ouy in november because of headtracking and 3D. it would probably be out already if these were not included i dont no any 1 who is buying a 3D telly. but it will stop the forza trolls complaining

Adva4065d ago

Read the PS Blog GT5 interview. The 3D aspect of GT5 was completed 2 years ago.

Kain814065d ago

is this guy thinking, that when you move your head the tv would move in that direction too...what was he expecting with headtracking??

Jeremy Gerard4065d ago

did they add all these useless gimmicky features that apparently don't even work right, when they dont have damage and accurate modeling on all 800 cars?

Is it a prerequisite to work at Sony that you have your priorities all screwed up?

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