Need for Speed: Pro Street Interviews - Producer John Doyle pops the bonnet

CVG recently had the pleasure of taking the latest in EA's street racing series Need for Speed, Need for Speed: Pro Street, out for a spin on 360.

They charged their way through two courses in the game and then sat down with the producer at EA Blackbox, John Doyle, for a chat about what else the game has in store...

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JPomper4102d ago

Man, all I really wanted was a nicer looking Most Wanted with free-roaming online play with cops.

D_U_I4102d ago

Its nice to know they have gone with a gran turismo style feel.. It should be great.

NRG4102d ago

Have you seen the gameplay videos? The physics still look as demented as Carbon.

On a different note:
"We're definitely not looking to make a simulation. I think 'simulation' is a bit of a dirty word - there's some baggage involved in [simulations] in that it's punishing or not fun."

I'm pretty damn sure I've heard that or something like it in some interview or another for every NFS since High Stakes. "Baggage" just translates to extra work, something EA's massive teams could achieve. "zomg people won't like our game right away, we want the largest crowd possible interested in our game, we want money. BUY OUR GAMES." is all I see and hear from EA anymore ):