PlayStation 3, Doomed to 3rd Place?

Though the hardware saw a happy launch in late November, sales have dropped hard every month. Most telling? Hardware numbers in June are down a whopping 60% from January. Firmware releases and PlayStation Network updates have offered improved features, but can't fix the two most brutal criticisms -- price and software -- and unless a miracle occurs, the former will keep them from playing much catch up this Fall.

Is Sony doomed? No. But, will they move out of third place this Fall? Not at all likely.

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XxZxX4103d ago

I concurred in order to sell 10 million plus this fall is absolutely impossible.

Real Gambler4102d ago

I agree they quite likely won't move out of third place by this fall. And all gamers will agree that for once, everybody is winning because we have three consoles doing really well. But if I had money to bet on who will finish third in a few years from now, I would bet ya it won't be Sony.

Saying there's no exclusive is also false. There's lot and they look extremely good. I just played Heavenly Sword demo. Now, I'm counting the days until the game release. The turtle will win again : ) Or at least won't finish third overall...

nasim4102d ago

so dont count on JUNE sales.

ps3 is now leading x360 in JULY worldwide which includes NA.

IN NA for the 1st time after 7 months ps3 has overtaken x360 in terms of sales (for the last 2 weeks actually)


x360 is dead in JAPAN/EU

Now it is dead in USA!!!!

TR0N4102d ago

Cant you sony brainwashed zombies give credit where credit is due?, if it wasnt for MS and the xbox (xbox live) sony would most likely never have implemented online gaming for the playstation, so give thanks to competition from xbox and concede that the 360 deserves to be in first place for that simple fact (innovation).

jromao4102d ago

... where the PS3 is placed, PS3 owners are (and will) always be very very lucky to have one or more :)

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hotshot12374103d ago

plus this fall will help. after that its a wrap 4 competition. just wait and see.

ASSASSYN 36o4103d ago

Congratulations you are the first to state wait for this wait for that on this article.

Xeoset4103d ago

Waiting? That's not going to solve anything.

Sony need those games now, not 2009. The PS3 has only 2 console movers, Motorstorm and Resistance, but it's not enough to mae everyone buy the systems because two games alone don't cut it.

Look at the PS2, the only reason that sold so much and got so far is because it had stellar games and loads of the, which is undeniable. The PS3 needs games, it's fall lineup looks good, but there isn't any games like Okami, God of War or SoC in there.

Time will tell.

daous4103d ago (Edited 4102d ago )

People are forgetting that the PS2's initial year didn't have a fantastic lineup of games. In fact, the good games, such as GT3, came out in the second year.

However, in the PS3 generation, we are seeing a significantly greater amount of AAA PS3 exclusives coming out in its initial year. Let's list the currently released AAA PS3 titles:

Resistance: Fall of Man
Ninja Gaiden Sigma
Virtua Fighter 5

Now, let's look at the fall lineup:

Heavenly Sword
Ratchet and Clank: Tools of Destruction
LittleBigPlanet (BETA)
Uncharted: Drake's Fortune
HAZE (2007 PS3 exclusive, from developers who made Timesplitters and Goldeneye 007 baby!)
Unreal Tournament III (2007 PS3 exclusive, excluding on the PC)
SOCOM: Confrontation (personally not appealing to me, but definitely to millions of other users on PS2 at least)
Hot Shots Golf 5 (in Japan, it's a HUGE seller there)
Dynasty Warriors PS3 (in Japan this year only, like HSG5, and it's also a massive system seller)

Remember, I'm not evening mentioning the multi-platform games, and already we have a very solid lineup that can last until next year. I KNOW I won't be able to afford buying all the fall games, but I'm definitely going to purchase Heavenly Sword and Ratchet and Clank: ToD. I have been waiting WAAAAY too long for those games :D

Edit: I find it amusing to see a lot of trolls and anti-PS3 fanboys give me disagrees. How can you disagree with this lineup? Heck, I never even commented about the 360 (which also has their own fantastic lineup btw), yet I get disagrees. Unbelievable, but expected in this site dominated by a bunch of 360 fanboys.

P.S. And no, I don't JUST own a PS3. I have an Xbox360 and a Wii as well (which I just bought recently).

Ju4103d ago

Well, RB6:Vegas must be pretty bad, then, or nobody cares about that title on the PS3. Same goes for Transformers, Fantastic Four, Ninja Gaiden, The Darkness, FEAR (how could I add that!), Pirates of the Carbbian, Spider Man and Harry Potter.

Funny, to me that seems like these titles are about the same which came out for the the 360 just recently (except for FEAR and RB6, and Splinter Cell, which I saw in Spring but disappeared but is/was re-released ??).

And that's just what's available, now.

Besides LAIR heading for 08/16, Strangle Hold, NFL08, Tiger Woods 08, GRAW2, Stuntman Ignition, Dynasty Warriors and Warhawk are due for ...
AUGUST (not end of the year!).

What are you people complaining ? Go out and buy some games. There must be something you like. Sure some more Blockbusters are heading for the Holiday season, and the Heavenly Sword Demo due out today might keep me busy.

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clownfacemcgee4102d ago

I beat that demo 4 times already. It takes about 5 minutes to beat. It's SUPER-SHORT. How can you possibly be too busy playing Heavenly Sword? You must really really suck to not be able to beat it.

Fisher3394103d ago

Sony doesn't have to No 1 to be good, no console does.

Anyone Remember N64, prolly my favorite of all time, it got its ass whooped my PS1. Doesn't mean it wasn't good or doomed, nintendo still made a profit off of it.

MannyHarlem1414103d ago (Edited 4103d ago )

not that the ps3 is gonna end up like the N64.. it's still the best hrdware out now, it will have the best games.. i'm just glad i got a ps3.. i can't play gears for ever

yea, keep disagreeing... cuz when halo comes out what's left... your gonna ask mommy for a ps3 and shes gonna say "when it get's another price cut, billy!"

eLiNeS4103d ago (Edited 4103d ago )

but if anymore exclusives come over to the Xbox 360 then you will be asking mommy for a Xbox 360 and shes gonna say "Now Johnny, I told you you shouldve gotten the Xbox 360 in the first place, but sure, if you let me play Viva Pinata a few hours a day!"


Daishi4102d ago

Jericho,Half-Life 2 Orange Box,Ace Combat 6,Mass Effect,Beautiful Katamari,Assassins Creed,Alone in the Dark,Call of Duty 4,Mercenaries 2,World in Conflict,Army of Two,Splinter Cell Conviction,Kane And Lynch,Rock Band,Too Human,Alan Wake,Resident Evil 5,Frontlines: Fuel of War,Dark Sektor,End War,Turok,Star Wars Force Unleashed,Fallout 3,Prototype...
Most of these are multi platform so this post goes for both those that say Halo this... or Killzone that. I would rather nobody be happy than everybody:3

timmyp534103d ago (Edited 4103d ago )

4.48 million so far.. how much will be sold after the games relase

MannyHarlem1414103d ago

getting like 4 of those plus assassins creed, GTA4 &Cod4.. no madden for me runnin at 30 frames ps.. motherfruck EA!