Crysis: Exclusive New Trailer & Info

Crytek president Cevat Yerli gives GameSpot an update on this impressive-looking PC shooter. Exclusive new trailer inside.

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ReconHope4154d ago (Edited 4154d ago )

i cant wait till games start coming out on the consoles that look that good.

felidae4154d ago

looks like it's about shooting a lot of stuff.

VirusE4154d ago

God this game looks so sick! I just got a 28" view sonic monitor in preparation for this and bioshock.

Hell-Reaver4154d ago

One of the few titles i'm looking forward to on the PC.. too bad i dont have a DX10 card :( still should look decent with DX9 at least.

NRG4154d ago

Seemed overly dramatic and I didn't like the narrator too much. But, the trailer is still good evidence this game is going to be pure awesome though.