PS3 Owners Spend More Time With The Console Than Wii & 360 Owners

Nielsen just released their monthly GamePlay Metrics report, and it showed that PS3 owners use their consoles much longer than any other systems. The average session with a PS3 was 83 minutes in the month of June. In comparison, the average Xbox 360 session lasted 61 minutes, and the average Wii session lasted only 57 minutes. Could super-long Super Stardust HD play sessions be responsible for PS3's unusually long play time?

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ReconHope4922d ago (Edited 4922d ago )

bill gates with milk on his face? or is that donald trump? anway, yeah i spend alot of time on the web browser.

Swatjr1014922d ago

Has anybody's sixaxis battary died yet mine did last night i have to buy a new one just wondering?

marinelife94922d ago

I wonder if it meant gaming time or overall time? I have pictures and music and movies stored on my Ps3. I surf the web, it's networked to my PC and can even print off of it. I do play games but maybe only about 60% of the time.

Siesser4922d ago (Edited 4922d ago )

I have two controllers, and both are going fine (had system and controllers since launch). I usually don't get around to charging them until I get the blinking "low battery" notice, and have no idea if I use them equally since they sit right next to each other and I just randomly grab one.

I find it amusing that your request for an answer to a question has been aggreed and disagreed with. Is that a lazy "yes" and "no?"

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SmokeyMcBear4922d ago

you can do so much with this machine, its awesome, a true home entertainment center... and hey it plays games, whaddaya know.

Kratosnake4922d ago

Yup. between stardust, ninja gaiden and my upscaled Final Fantasy XII, I've been playing way too much games. Not even counting the 15 or so blu-rays i've bought and enjoyed.

great machine this ps3 is.

XxZxX4922d ago

dude this is scary. I am doing the exact same games you play now.

Kratosnake4922d ago


well they're great games. maybe we're MIND-TWINS!!

ps3gogetitt4922d ago (Edited 4922d ago )

Remember we use our PS3s for games and movies,....oh yes we all are scientist also doing experiments on our machines, running them overnight, all for the sake of science


ash_divine4922d ago

and to say the system "has no games" I'm interested in here what 360 fans think of this, because according them xbox has all the games and ps3 has none.

This is the definition of irony

heroman7114922d ago

lets not start a flame war

SlippyMadFrog4922d ago

Ever heard of Blu-ray, folding @ home, web browser, ect. You're just trying to start a flame war