Activision: Franchise Fatigue Only Happens When Developers Don't Innovate's Geoff Calver argues that Call of Duty doesn't innovate from year-to-year and suggests that Activision needs to truly innovate if they want to keep Call of Duty alive.

He analyzes both Call of Duty and Half-Life to compare the series and suggest a way forward for Call of Duty that rewards players and innovates the franchise, which has grown stale.

"As a gamer, it's frustrating to hear Tippl talking about innovation while essentially dismissing fan desires. When he says, "There's so much that our Call of Duty fanbase wants that we are not providing yet, that we see many, many years of innovation ahead of us," it should act as a tip that innovation is simply not happening within the franchise."

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SupaGamer3042d ago

that has never met a game it couldn't franchise.

Xi3042d ago

It's just one person's opinion. He works for one of the COD teams.

The article itself is actually pretty valid, and the he talks about the struggle of pushing a franchise further without loosing it's core identity, and at the same time finding a way to innovate without completely changing the game.

morganfell3041d ago

Except the article fails to point out there is innovation and then there is change for the sake of change. As John Carmack said, "Basketball is a great game. You don't see people going out and trying to invent new kinds of basketball."

Teams (dev) just need to learn to play basketball like allstars.

Elimin83041d ago (Edited 3041d ago )

"There's so much that our Call of Duty fanbase wants that we are not providing yet, that we see many, many years of innovation ahead of us."

"NOT PROVIDING" Is the key word..

What's the fucking hold up?

HighDefinition3042d ago (Edited 3042d ago )

COD3 to 4 was a big jump.....but since then....Ugh....they might have actually gone backwards.

RememberThe3573042d ago

Black Ops looks OK but I'm bot going online with it. MW2 completely killed COD online for me.

BattleAxe3041d ago (Edited 3041d ago )

I still play WaW and its alot of fun, but I also play MW2 with my friends, and for the most part its a flawless experience on the PS3 at least. My only problem with the game was the "over the top" story that is nowhere near realistic.

Raz3041d ago

..And A¢tivi$on isn't in the business of spending money - they'd prefer to simply MAKE money exclusively.

rock_solid3042d ago

*looks at Guerilla Games*

CaliGamer3042d ago

Looks at Bungie, Epic, Nintendo, ......

rock_solid3042d ago

you still don't have 4 play co op, firefight, horde mode or beast mode? not even spacecraft sequences? no innovation at all.

RememberThe3573042d ago

You have nothing interesting to say.

cyborg69713042d ago

Looks at rock solid's " life style choice ". Oh that's okay it's your choice to live under two rocks and troll killzone articles because you can't handle the awsome. Now rock go back to your two console exclusives d-bag.

Darkfiber3042d ago

Oh Activision. Everything you say is hilariously hypocritical. I love you.

Baka-akaB3042d ago

Activision has no right saying that .. none at all

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