E3 2010: Gran Turismo's rollover crashes are lame

Gamesradar writes "Gran Turismo 5 has got another new trailer (honestly, we've lost count), this time 'showing off' the game's spectacular crashes. We've put that in inverted commas because they don't seem to be worth crowing about whatsoever"

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Simon_Brezhnev4916d ago

lol im not surpised it is gamesradar

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rekonizakilla4916d ago

"Especially when you've got the likes of GRID or DiRT 2 looking just as impressive"

I stopped reading after that.

Montrealien4916d ago (Edited 4916d ago )

SO you are saying that the GT5 crashes are more impressive then Grid and Dirt 2 rekonizakilla? Really?

Don;t get me wrong, GT5 looks amazing and it is a day one purchase for me, but if you think those crashes are anything close to what grid and Dirt 2 have, you and the 30+ people who agree with you, have no idea what you are talking about. Just blinded by the stupid fanboy war.



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Hideo_Kojima4916d ago

@Montrealien... but those are not realistic. We are arguing about driving simulaters there is no point comparing games like that to GT5 you might as well say Burnout has better damage and Motor Storm has better crashing.

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nycredude4916d ago (Edited 4916d ago )

I thought n4g was run by Sony fanboys? Seems every other article here is one bashing something Sony related. It's official these retarded butthurt 360 fans are ruining N4g. Serious, all I want is real fucking gaming news but everytime I come here it's just pissing wars and butthurt fanboys. You have to look through 15 articles to get one good one. Pathetic.

If you are rolling over cars in Gt5 then you suck ass period.

Upon further review this video here is proof this article is LAME. Watch this youtube vid of Nascar flips and you tell me what it looks like. Shit one of the cars even have a black bottom, which is a protective undercover. Gamesradar again is LAME.


It looks pretty authentic to me. When the car first start flipping it takes time for the air to get under the car but once it builds momentum then it rolls faster. I guess they were expecting something like Gone in 60 seconds type crashs.

Edit: Retards below. yeah I am butthurt cause I actually bought a 360 and bought games for it and played them right? Fucking get your facts straight I admit I like the ps3 more than any other consoles I "own", but at least i don't spend all my time here bashing a console I don't own or never plan to own. Instead of acting a fool why don't you watch my link and tell me what you thought about this acticle?

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RAM MAGNUMS4916d ago

Youre right!

I just realized that i couldnt get any descent ps3 news with out it being about a butthurt 360 guys feelings dragging everything sony thru the mud.

Honestly, ive never taken this Gamesradar site seriously. Nothing theyve done has earned my respect.

beardpapa4916d ago

yea n4g is run by sony fanboys especially when in the Hottest Games list on n4g, it reads:

61220°1.Killzone 3
51520°3.Red Dead Redemption
38870°4.Project Natal
23920°5.Gran Turismo 5
21480°6.Playstation Move
14720°8.Call of Duty: Black Ops
14370°9.Gears of War 3
13660°10.Nintendo 3DS

In actuality, it's probably 50/50 because if it were run by a majority, Kinect wouldn't be up there nor Project Natal.

Eiffel4916d ago

Not only that by the number of fanboys that were here before the new N4G have nearly dried out, I'm seeing less than months before.

RAM MAGNUMS4916d ago (Edited 4916d ago )

Its hard to get any descent ps3 news with all the sad feelings because were about to talk about some hardcore games and the others are shopping for thier gym clothes instead.

This teaser just showed how incredibly realistic GT5 rollovers will be. Air, Momentum, velocity just like in real life or pretty close to it for a driving game.

They just dont deserve my Respect And im a atari 2600 originator of this.

uh sorry guys, this is a edited double post.

NYPunkster4916d ago (Edited 4916d ago )


So start working on becoming a submitter. Oh and good post.

@OT I don't see anything wrong with the animation. But I want to thank the Xbox fanboys out there for bring attention to this non issue because maybe the devs will see this article decided to tweek this area just a bit to shut down all the haters which will result in a better game for us and increase the level of envy for you. <3

MNicholas4916d ago (Edited 4916d ago )

Your video:

More than 50 years and Nascar crashes are still fake and lame. Your video cannot meet Gamesradar's standards for real and unlame crashes.

This is real and unlame:





Why o why4916d ago

hey, i remember the article Gameradar released about those unlame crashes.....They MUST be fair

@ mastiffchild below.

I never knew GR done that with their killzone 2 review. That stuff doesnt count here it seems though

Montrealien4916d ago

I hope you keep close attention to GT5 once it comes out, expect the same kind of wacky crashes onces people start min maxing cars in GT5.

You know, kinda like this..


And I love Forza 3, and I cant wait for GT5! Just want to point out the hypocrisy that plagues N4G.

corneliuscrust4916d ago

GT5 will be a great game, but as with many simulations, odd physics can happen out of anywhere. Every Froza and GT5 article Ps3 kids whine about how forza3 had unrealistic crashes...

MNicholas4916d ago (Edited 4916d ago )

If you wanted to show a problem with GT5's crash physics that's a bad video. That video is simply a crash with Damage mode turned off.

That means deformation, scratches, and roll-overs have been disabled.

Since the car is prevented from rolling over by the game control it just spins until the energy is spent.

This one from Prologue is much better as it's a real glitch although it's not strictly a "crash" glitch. You get to escape the track and fly like an airplane with a superb smoke trail.


This is an actual crash glitch from the GT5 demo:


Also, please refrain from personal attacks and name-calling. It's uncivilized. Let's stick to the facts, shall we?

Hallmark Moment4916d ago (Edited 4916d ago )

That is got to be the stupidest logic I've seen on N4G. You take the current hotttest slots/games on n4g and use that as proof the site is not overran by PS3 fanboys. You do realize most of the things with a lot of heat are heated up because the game is either being use to pump up PS3 with pro Sony fud or anti 360 related articles. It doesn't matter if 360 things are heated up all it means is PS3 fanboys are tracking/trolling 360 news and posting bash fest articles related to that game/topic/tech/console

corneliuscrust4916d ago

Of course he realizes, but there are so many ps3 fankids that he gets tons of agrees and everyone laughs while yelling out how dumb xbox fanboys are... pretty sad stuff.

NYPunkster4916d ago

My god that's f**king horrible. I love how the bugatti vs truck video shows that as soon as the cars make contact both cars go from having perfect paint jobs to all scratched and beat up and having almost no paint on the frames.

So lame.

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popup4916d ago

Well I guess after reading that well thought out article, I am no longer going to purchase this game.

I hear they forgot to model the Ipod dock in the BMW 5 series dash too.
No excuses Polyphony.


sikbeta4916d ago (Edited 4916d ago )

It's a Lame article bitching about a Game that is not done yet, those demos of GT5 will be nothing when someone compare it with the AWESOMENESS of Gran Turismo 5

Next Please...

FFXI1014916d ago

People bitching about the game/cars don't have damage, now PD add damage to it and apparently that's not good enough to them.

I say never mind them, cause we know how good the GT series are and GT5 is going to be awesome. So let them bitch, they can bitch when the game come out while we enjoy the best racing game on PS3.

Lifendz4916d ago

but the rest of the game is aucking fawsome!

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Dee_914916d ago

you would know how epic it is to flip and crash.

And for all the dickheads saying "Just because its GT5 and PS3 doesn't mean everything about it is perfect."
Nobody said its perfect its just the fact that people keep on calling out BS that makes no since at all.And try to make it bigger than what it is.

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Imperator4916d ago

Isn't the point not to crash?? Anyways, they still have till November. Plenty of time.

Blacktric4916d ago (Edited 4916d ago )

Ahahah so what was it going to be like? After the cars crashed they should've leak gasoline then blow up along with a big explosion right? Like it's an action movie. Geez.

FragMnTagM4916d ago

But bumpers should fly off, windshields should crack or fall out, axles should break, and tires should fall off. The animation for the crash was nice, but the damage is severely lacking. This could already be fixed by now, but if that vid was to show off the damage, then it came up short.

GT is still a badass game regardless.

menoyou4916d ago (Edited 4916d ago )

Seriously, these guys are retarded. The game looks amazing. Stop trying to compare them to the ridiculous crashes you see in other car games.

FragMnTagM4916d ago

When a supercar hits a wall at top speed, it is not pretty afterwards. Like I said above, the animation was very good how it gradually lifted up and then flipped, but there was absolutely no damage to the shell of the car, including bumpers, tires, scratches, dents etc. The old Nascar games on the PS2, had pieces flying off the car and everything.

People expect there to be realistic damage in a very realistic game. That is all. No trolling just pointing something out.

Is this going to stop me from getting GT5, HELL NO! It just a minor let down to a sure to be fantastic game.

TROLL EATER4916d ago

The following footage showcases cars rolling with no consequences, please do not try this, when driving.