Woolworths go Blu-ray exclusive. Drop HD-DVD.

Woolworths retail chain in the UK have been trialling both Blu-ray & HD-DVD product ranges. Since the PlayStation 3 release Blu-ray movie sales have seen a steady increase, and they are now rolling out Blu-ray movies across all their medium to large stores. However Woolworths will be dropping all HD-DVD lines.

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sonarus5416d ago

awww there it goes. i hate missing out on movies so the sooner this war ends the better. By the time all major electronics manufacturers start making blu ray players lets hope competition amongst themselves can drive prices down. HD-DVD dosent seem to be doing a very good job at driving blu ray prices down anyway. ita alread like 200 bucks cheaper

the_round_peg5416d ago (Edited 5416d ago )

I've just re-read the story... it's basically a hearsay, but the author wrote it so cleverly that it seems like a news.

Report: wrong type! It should have been posted as a rumor, not news!

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Wow. Another one. I was in UK, and Woolies have a lot of stores in the UK. I've heard like 800 stores or something. They're like bloodly everywhere in the UK. They're massive -- so massive that they've even been investigated for monopoly. They're like the Wal-mart of UK.

This is a really, really SEVERE blow to HD-DVD. It's really over for HD-DVD.

PS3n3605416d ago

it doesnt sound good for HDDVD. I got raped too cause I bought the add-on literally 2 days before you could see the ball landing firmly in the bluray court. Thats what I get for jumping in to new tech. Oh well at least my soon to be bought PS3 will comfort me as I bury my add-on. Queue the violins and sad trumpets.

crck5416d ago

I think its really just a matter of months now before the writting is on the wall.

BubblesDAVERAGE5416d ago

BluRay was a good decision for Sony although they may have lost some gamers but they gain some tech junkies and a lot of the movie money. Hd Dvd Should just get out of the game I think. I know its early in the game but with the lost of blockbuster and Woolworths overseas now its only a matter of time

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The story is too old to be commented.