Welcome to Valhalla: Inside the New 250GB Xbox 360 Slim

Anyone can take a hammer and rib-spreader to a new piece of hardware. But it takes someone like Anand Shimpi, the man behind Anandtech who has personally suffered through four out-of-warranty Xbox 360 failures, to bring sage analysis to a teardown of the new Xbox 360.

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ASSASSYN 36o4854d ago

I was waiting for someone to dissect the new slim60.

nickjkl4854d ago

funniest comment on that website

"If Valhalla is the place where Vikings get to when they die,
does that mean that this new XBOX will die once it gets to you? "

followed by

"Or does it mean that this new XBOX represents Valhalla and YOU have to die to get one?"

beans4854d ago

Noise reduction is a plus in my book. Will be picking one up closer to Kinects release.

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kingjoker344854d ago

Aand it only took them 5 years

GameOn4854d ago

Well I guess people can't say they rushed it.

Canas20104854d ago

Still not getting another one. I have my current 360 packed in it's box sitting in a cabinet. It seems too early to tell if this is going to Microsofts salvation.

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Report suggests the UK is a console nation

Bit-Tech: Perhaps the biggest surprise was that the tide of console gamers is a cultural phenomenon which does not appear to cross every border. According to NPD's research, while the UK has the highest incidence of console usage out of all the markets analysed Germany boasts the biggest number of PC gamers.

France, meanwhile, is clinging on to dedicated hand-held consoles like the Nintendo 3DS and Sony PlayStation Portable at a time when NPD's analysis shows that gamers in most other nations have ditched theirs in favour of getting their portable gaming fixes on smartphones and tablets.

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Knight_Cid4241d ago (Edited 4241d ago )

"when NPD's analysis shows that gamers in most other nations have ditched theirs in favour of getting their portable gaming fixes on smartphones and tablets."

you mean like japan, europe or the US where the 3ds is breaking records?

People are ditching the 3DS so fast in the US, 3ds sales have doubled over ds first year sales and the year isnt even over.

No source, no truth

who approved this garbage?

Knight_Cid4241d ago

you shouldnt be proud to approve slander

ATi_Elite4240d ago

but 250 million global online PC Gamers say other wise.

Everyone with a Gaming PC can play Wii Games so does that mean the world is a Wii Nation?

I think people just enjoy Games and it really doesn't matter the platform.

Console Nation, PC Universe, iPhone Realm, doesn't matter just enjoy your Games.

StayStatic4241d ago (Edited 4241d ago )

Considering most PC Gamers will own 1 or more consoles , declaring the UK as a "console nation" is complete and utter bollox.

kevnb4241d ago (Edited 4241d ago )

owning a console and playing the occasional game once in a blue moon doesnt make you a console gamer. Just like owning a pc and maybe playing some random flash game doesnt make you a pc gamer. Alot of pc gamers bought ps3s, its a blu-ray player and media hub that plays games.

guitar_nerd_234241d ago

I'm from the UK and game on nearly every platform I can think of.

But yes in general I'm more thumbs than fingers when It comes to my games.


Paul Christoforo to Write a Book Based on the Ocean Marketing Debacle

Remember in December of last year when Paul Christoforo became the pariah of the internet? Ocean Marketing was at the center of a scandal that took the internet by storm after Christoforo exchanged rude, angry emails with a customer of Avenge Controllers, for whom Christoforo was providing customer service. I recently had the chance to speak with Paul about the whole ordeal and what his life has been like since.

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Star Wars Kinect: Droid Themed Xbox 360 Limited Edition Console….I’m VERY Excited!

With the upcoming release of the Star Wars Themed Console, GameExchangeShop.com takes a look at reasons to get excited for the game and looks of the console.

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