A rumbling PSP, seriously - Mods add rumble to psp

The ninjas at Acidmods can do anything, right? In the midst of E3-related chaos, we missed this awesome modification, which brings sound-activated rumble to the PSP. F00 f00 explains the magic: "In basic terms what is happening here is the volt amp is sending voltage fed by the speaker to the pic, when it hits a certain pitch the pic turns on the motor."

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TriggerHappy4100d ago

I always knew this was going to happen. I know the next psp , not the redesigned one, but psp2 will have rumble.

Maddens Raiders4100d ago (Edited 4100d ago )

Now with the rumble possibilities, my girlfriend will want to *play the PSP even more when she's not at home he, he..... ; )

sumfood4u4099d ago

Imagine the Rumble Effect after eating a value menu!