Americans Get DiRTy

With over 500,000 units in worldwide sales and about half of those in the U.S., Americans are clearly embracing Codemasters' latest off-road racing title DiRT. Rally Racing may not be very popular in the states, but Codemasters found just the right mix to appeal to a wider audience. Game Daily Biz shifted into high gear and spoke with Codemasters' Guy Pearce about the game's early success.

Colin McRae racing games always seemed destined for a niche roll in the U.S. After all, the acclaimed series concentrated on rally racing, a discipline of motorsports that has, at best, a cult following in the U.S. compared to NASCAR. While always well received by critics, sales never equaled what they were in Europe, where rally is widely popular.

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ps3gogetitt5420d ago

Those 360 boys will buy anything it seems....7+ rating and enough hype and chances are you going to get 500k plus sold.... I still can't believe the attach rate on the 360 someone need to look over those numbers...

NRG5420d ago

Are you serious? You didn't even say a single thing about the article.

yeh dem 360 boys r so dum dey shuld just buy themselves a ps3 n fix erything... durrrr...

RyuCloudStrife5420d ago

Seems like alot of people like offroad racing games

Jamesways5419d ago

I love racing games. And Dirt is near the top of my list. Dirt is fantastic. Super fun, and probably the best looking GAME I've played, not just racing game, game period. Yeah, I play GOW and a ton of others on the 360. That's saying a lot.

Do yourself a favor and try the demo on PSN if it ever comes out on there.

And 7+ ratings? What the hell sites you been on? Most of the reviews I've read have been 8.5s to 9.5s.