Pokémon Diamond/Pearl Review

The DS Pokémon twins are here, now. And after 10 million sales worldwide already, expect the game charts here in the UK to combust like a bale of hay left in a saucepan by an idiot. Know this, though: Diamond and Pearl might be double-screened and stylused-up for the 21st century, but those of you joining us from the end of a ten-year spell in cryogenic storage will feel right at home.

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PS360WII5416d ago

493 pokémon... I was wondering why Pokemon Battle sold so well but then I remembered that these two games sold a boat load as well.

ReconHope5416d ago

people get tired of pokemon?

PS360WII5416d ago

Maybe 20 years from now... or longer

iceice1235416d ago

Will be here for as long as Nintendo is, it seems. So crazy, people buy both versions even though they're basically the same thing. Nintedo is genius, kids still buying it and not thinking.

Xslingr5414d ago

but older teenagers and adults have come into the scenes of pokemon