Fallout 3 preview: "Bethesda appears to have nailed it" says PC Zone

PC Zone had to say "Most interestingly, though, the action points formerly found in Fallout's turn-based combat remain - now twisted and used in combat that's halfway between stop-start shootage and real-time. You can blast away from your FPS or over-the-shoulder viewpoint, but also freeze the skirmish and spend your action points by choosing different body parts to fire at - each with a certain percentage chance of success. It's still Fallout, but a Fallout adapted to better suit our tastes and times."

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MK_Red4129d ago

I like the new way but as a classic Fallout 1&2 fan, I;d have prefered a totally old-school turn-based game for action points but hey, thats my old taste as the article suggests. (Turn Based FTW!)

Nemesis4128d ago

The Fallout and Jagged Alliance franchises are my favourite games of all time.

Rhezin4129d ago

eh looks awesome but I hate turn based

PS360PCROCKS4129d ago

wow I cannot believe I read the game informer article about this and somehow missed that this was turn based...well here is one less game to buy...

the_round_peg4128d ago

Fallout 1 and 2 are turn-based.

Fallout 3 will NOT be turn-based.


BubblesDAVERAGE4129d ago

Call me ole school , but turn base is the best.

PS360PCROCKS4128d ago

I'm very very impatient and turn based bores the hell out of me and I feel like I am not controlling what's happening...that the game is, I don't like that feeling.

Nemesis4128d ago (Edited 4128d ago )

The whole point of turn based games is that you can micro-manage every action, making the most of each and every action point. IMO that's ultimate control.

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