New MMO To Use CryEngine 2

Entropia Universe, the safest virtual world utilizing a real cash economy, has signed a license agreement to use the stunning high-tech game engine CryENGINE 2, from German developer Crytek, creators of "Far Cry" and upcoming "Crysis."

This will make Entropia Universe the closest-to-reality looking massively multiplayer online game ever seen. The transition to an Entropia Universe platform built around this new technology is expected to be finished by mid-2008, and will be available to all Entropia Universe partners.

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Rooted_Dust5420d ago

From what I've read it's supposed to be about creating a new world or civilization, or something like that. It's also supposed to have the most realistic economy of any online game *gasp*, not really the most exciting feature.

Odion5420d ago

it will fail, MMO's that are high on tech always fail, they have to be a bit ugly tech to do well.

E.g EQ2 looks great graphically, but its also sitting at 300k cause so few people have a high end computer good enough to play it, and most of those people don't play MMO's.

Then you look at WoW 9 million people and while anyones comp can run it cause its graphically old, its art makes up for it.

TriggerHappy5420d ago

Becasue the "others" have failed does not necessarily mean they will also fail. Who knows ? they might have found out what the other guys were doing wrong.

VirusE5420d ago

Odion i think you hit the nail on the head; the cryengine 2 is way to high end at the moment for this to have any impact. MMO games have to trade off good graphics for high poly counts that are needed to support tons of online avatars.

DethWish5420d ago

Ehh there is another MMO using Cry Engine 2 in development already so can't say for sure this will be the prettiest :P

iceice1235420d ago

To use that engine to make an MMO, that's crazy.