NCSoft opens up on PSP & PS3 game plan

MMO company NCSoft has opened up on its game plan for PS3 - and PSP - promising its titles it creates for the platforms will be unique during discussion with CVG.

"We haven't announced any of the titles we might be bringing out, but whatever we bring out, the one thing I can tell you is that, even if they're some intellectual property we already have, they'll be things that'll be very carefully created for the console experience, not merely a straight port", NCSoft exec producer Richard Garriott told CVG when they caught up with him at this week's Develop conference in Brighton.

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gunnerforlife5420d ago

i hope the create unique games that cant be found on other consoles

TriggerHappy5420d ago

And so it begins, they get to work after their exclusivity deal. Curious to see what they bring out.

Odion5420d ago

lol this deal really is wierd, not only does Sony already have an entire branch with over 12 studios that just make MMO's, but they also team up with one of the worst companies!

achira5420d ago

can you more than spamming ? why do you come here ?

ShAkKa5420d ago

saddly achira he doesn`t have nothing more to do since his game machine is probably at the electronics repair store.

erosevaporator5420d ago

Seriously, you hate everything? City of Villains is awesome.

BubblesDAVERAGE5420d ago

They have the biggest first party of all the console makers and there games take longer to come out then anything. I wont expect a game from NC Soft Till early 09.

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