Xbox 360 to launch in India

Microsoft will be supporting India's gaming industry by releasing two models of the Xbox 360 sometime in October. The core system will be packaged with a "leading title" (no specific game has been announced as of yet), and the price is set at about 19,990 rupees ($430 in USD/230.198 GBP).

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Krimson5397d ago

So, when can I pick up a copy of "Sitar Hero"?

dikturbo5397d ago

Over 1 billion people in India with a massive upswing in the economy. MS getting there before the other guys is definetely a head start.

Also very technologically savvy. Lot's of broadband for LIVE.

neeharb5397d ago

I think i am one of the few thousand in the Whole country to buy an Xbox 360!!! Its simple ...why people dont buy it...its too expensive for us... its been priced 20 thousand and 24 thousand !!!! thats around 430$ for the core and 515$ for the premium ...thats why we wont buy the ps3 it will be more than 750$.....So we wait for the games to get pirated!!!! all though i dont support piracy ....but why wouldnt i buy a game for 3$ ??? Ne one here has ne cheap games

TheMART5397d ago

But I've seen a documentary on your country and large parts of it are developping fast on computerarea's like Silicon Valley in the states and all kind of callcenters. Where people earn a real fair income. And the fact that they bought a lot of stuff.

Ofcourse not everybody is as rich as those people. But I guess India is a very fast developping country for sure in parts of it.

Games are already pirated, China has them on every corner. Well it's like this: if you can't buy it, don't want it.

If you can't pay a Ferrari, do you steal one?

neeharb5397d ago

I am pretty rich my self but ...there is one thing the games out now are not reasonable ...if they were say around 1000rs then we could easily buy them tell me if i am geting the games vey cheaply and when i can buy the games at lesser than quarter of the price why wouldnt i but it??..i know developers put a hell lotta time effort and money but if they make the games reasonable!!there would be negligible piracy...