Everybody's Golf 5 Sells (150k) on first day in Japan

Everybody's Golf 5 is off to a strong start in Japan. The game has already sold more than 150K on its first day release. A total of 300 copies were shipped out. Many stores in Japan are reporting that , they have already sold out of the number of shipments they received.

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PS360WII4924d ago

I believe that! Hot Shots Golf is a premier game and should sell well. Now bring it to the US! please

Marceles4924d ago

I can't wait to hear how much the PS3 bundle sells in Japan :-O

TriggerHappy4924d ago (Edited 4924d ago )

Off to a strong start. This might just outsell Gundam which sold like crazy in Japan.

The game already had over 300K preorders and now 150k sold.

novaIS3504924d ago

you mean a sports game? golf game? we love these types of games to.

Siesser4924d ago

The animation and style is quirky, but the gameplay is still top-notch. Can't wait for the NA localization; until then, back to Hot Shots Tennis.

shysun4924d ago

it's a really fun game,it wont disappoint you!;)

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krackchap4924d ago

this game will end up selling more than mosou, sales are good ,but this weeks japanese hardware sales will be interesting,will this cause a temperory spike or permanent spike in japan,time will tell.

AznSniper4924d ago

This will likely be the best selling PS3 game in Japan for now.

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The story is too old to be commented.