Scorehero Invades Neversoft (Exclusive GHIII Info!)

This past Monday, a group of ScoreHero members were flown out to visit Neversoft's Southern Calilfornia offices to play/test Guitar Hero III:
Legends Of Rock. Upon arriving, we were led to Neversoft's spacious mo-cap area, where we each had our own plasma screen and wireless Les Paul setup to demo as much of the x360 version as our hands could take over the span of about 5 hours. Now that we've returned to our respective homes, we're proud to bring back some exclusive info about the game, which is being announced on ScoreHero before anywhere else.

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Syko5420d ago (Edited 5420d ago )

This is the first time I have heard good news that makes me interested in this game again. After the DLC bullcrap and Activision looking like it was gonna ride this money pony in to the ground. I had very little hope of this game being great. It seems that even though they had to build this game from the ground up, (since Harmonix owns the original GH 1 and 2 game engine) they have done a great job according to the Scorehero guys. Taking into account that these are among the best players in the world I will trust their word on this. The new HOPO system sounds interesting and I love that they say the note charts feel new and fresh. Including changes they haven't seen before.

This was an eye opener for me and I am excited about this game, But I don't know how I will find enough time for Rockband and GH3?!

BTW, if these guys are failing that Dragonforce song at 1-3% it is almost unbeatable on Expert probably. Most of these guys have 5-starred Jordan on Expert for christ sake.