New Xbox 360 Boot Screen?

A revised boot screen would only be natural, right?

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tdogchristy905087d ago

I found one today at gamestop....after all trade ins it was 142.....but yeah I noticed when it boots up it just blue screens until getting to the dashboard, doesn't really have a boot up screen.

darthv725087d ago

i can see many a witty comment to be made on that one.

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mboojigga5087d ago

THat must be your tv becuase I picked one up today and it is the same as all the previous models.

randomwiz5087d ago (Edited 5087d ago )

yeah, my friend got one and his doesn't have this bootscreen. I'm guessing this is the bootscreen for that UI built for Kinect.

it would be cool if we all got it though.

WetN00dle695087d ago

Yep same here. The Boot Screen is the same.

Rumor5087d ago

kinda liked the pulse intro

darthv725087d ago

the first time the NXE was released it had a cool intro. This one may be part of the next dash update for when kinect gets ready for launch.

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PS360PCROCKS5087d ago (Edited 5087d ago )

Pretty cool

edit:: dammit you took my comment chris! lol oh well I'll let it stand

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