Mass Effect fires new screen barrage

A new array of shots from one of the hottest RPGs soothes our Monday blues

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omansteveo5400d ago

People are going to bow to this game....adios turd

ACE5400d ago

this game alone is gona blow the fony station 3 away

silent ninja5400d ago

do you think that this game will be bigger than oblivion in terms of playing hours

joemutt5400d ago

My latest game save has 75 hours of gameplay. If I spent that much time on something like repainting my house, I would not feel I wasted that much time. But Unlocking every achievement in Oblivion is worth an ugly house.

Jay da 2KBalla5400d ago (Edited 5400d ago )

this will be the greatest rpg trilogy

silent ninja5400d ago

really and do you have crystal or something to know it will be the greatest rpg trilogy (just kidding)

but i think it will have tough competetion from fable 2 and lost odyssey.

DJ5400d ago

sorry, but that just looks sh1tty. The dialogue-gameplay looks a lot better.

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The story is too old to be commented.