New Motorstorm Apocalypse HD Gameplay

Destructive New Gameplay footage of the next Motorstorm game coming to the ps3 in 2011

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mrv3215146d ago

Racing games are meant to be played either in cabin or bonnet view. Especially games like Motorstorm.

I used to prefer tailing, in the old gen when you could get a better view but with the effort they put into the effect in Cabin and bonnet I think those views offers a better experience, it gives to better sense of your cars tilt and how much your turning.

HolyOrangeCows5146d ago

LOL, "Get back here and give me your insurance information, punk!"

- Ghost of Sparta -5146d ago (Edited 5146d ago )

This makes Split/Second look like a PS1 game. SS didn't even have damage modeling..

Edit: Holy shit @ running people over, rofl. It sucks that Sony didn't have time to show this at their conference. Unlike Split/Second, the environments in Apocalypse are always collapsing, and it does so with a smoother frame rate at pre-alpha. Just wow, can't wait to see the other tracks.

tinybigman5146d ago

i was like holy shit that looks awesome and running over people is pure win for me hahahaha. anyone know when this drops? the graphics are insane.

bruddahmanmatt5146d ago

The Motorstorm franchise is so underrated. When I bought my PS3 I bought an 80GB Motorstorm bundle and barely played the original. It wasn't until I found Pacific Rift for $10 brand new at Wal-Mart last summer that I decided to pick it up and convince about seven or eight of my friends to do the same in an attempt to give the franchise another go...and boy am I glad I did. One of the most difficult, grueling racers on the market that will flat out whoop your ass if you don't put in the time necessary to learn the tracks, learn the vehicles and learn how to boost and I absolutely love it. Not to mention the visuals are flat out ridiculous. Pacific Rift is by far one of the best looking games on the market. The intro alone had me in awe. Apocalypse looks to be everything that Split/Second could have and should have been. I almost feel like Evolution mixed a little San Fransisco Rush in there just for good measure. I just hope the city based tracks can live up to the awesomeness that is "Caldera Ridge".

ShinMaster5146d ago

Split/Second's environmental destruction is on a smaller scale compared to MotorStorm: Apocalypse.

I'm loving the physics so far :D

Sunny_D5146d ago

HOLY SHIT! That was Pre Alpha? There was soooo much action happening on scren!0_0 DAMN! Looks like there might be QTE sequences in the game.

Mista T5146d ago (Edited 5146d ago )

my jaw fell to the ground at 1:10, amazing enviroments
and it's only pre alpha!

Orange5146d ago

This is definitely San Francisco-inspired. The trolley cars look like some of ours (we import trolleys from all over the world and restore them...the ones in Motorstorm look like our Italian-restored models).

They also modeled the subway cars right off of BART cars:


callahan095146d ago

My word, this game looks like a lot of fun. Just awesome. Can't wait to see some of the other courses and the ridiculous destruction going on there.

raztad5146d ago

You know guys this game will be running natively at 1080p? That is a HUGE achievement considering all the stuff going on on screen.

hs1235146d ago

all i can say is wow. Best part when the ground fell. this will be one epic game, just imagine playing this in 3d.

Donny5146d ago

looks great, looks to play even better.

talltony5146d ago

That looks INCREDIBLE!! WHy didnt they demonstrate this at e3? I cannot wait for this game. Motorstorm series is easily the best off road racer this gen. They clearly got ideas from 2012 with this one, WOW!

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Dead_Cell5146d ago

Tailing views are better for arcade racers.

mrv3215146d ago

I played Motorstorm 1 in tailing, 2 in bonnet and then I moved back to 1 and used bonnet because you get the feeling of every lift, incline decline and direction it's much better in my opinion but each to their own.

DaThreats5146d ago

I wanna see animals on da tracks, we either be stopped by them, like a rhino, or run dem over, like a sheep

Dead_Cell5146d ago

That looks f_cking awesome.

Reno175146d ago

Looks pretty awesome to me, and this is pre-alpha footage too!