More GT5 Details: High/Low Beams, Dynamic Crowds, No BBQ Smell

GTPlanet: "EuroGamer was first to share new details that emerged from the private GT5 presentation Yamauchi hosted at E3 on Wednesday, and now we’ve got even more information from MotorTrend, Kotaku, IGN, and GameSpot. Now, in addition to the new details I’ve already covered, here’s what we know:"

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PirateThom4025d ago

"You’ll have the option to synchronize the game’s time of day with the track’s current local time."


UltimateIdiot9114025d ago (Edited 4025d ago )

NASCAR on those rally track. =]

Can't wait to high beam online opponents.

MaximusPrime4025d ago

Flash lights at slower cars.

Another awesome news. Keep em comin!!!

cobraagent4025d ago

you disappoint me:( I was gonna buy the game only for the barbecue smell but now it is not worth it

PirateThom4025d ago

Considering the amount of tyre smoke I've been seeing in videos, I'm disappointed in the lack of smell-o-vision, much better than 3D and motion controls. :(

Paradise4025d ago

Good ol professor at work

mcz4025d ago

"•More Formula 1 teams will bring their cars to the game, in addition to Ferrari." More F1 Cars ! Nice !!

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The story is too old to be commented.