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E3 2010: Wait, What? Gran Turismo 5's 3D Mode Is 1080p Too?

PushSquare: "Bonkers. Truly, truly bonkers. With most games this generation unable to stick to 60 frames per second and stuggling to meet 720p -- Gran Turismo 5 is a technical marvel hitting 60fps constantly, and reaching the dizzying heights of 1080p. But there's more. As per a video interview with GameTrailers, SCEA's Chris Hinojosa-Miranda confirms that the 3D version of Gran Turismo 5 will also stick to 1080p screen resolution."

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Community3908d ago
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GWAVE3908d ago

Yet Turn 10 says Forza 4's graphics will be better than this. Lulz.

saint_john_paul_ii3908d ago (Edited 3908d ago )

i am really getting annoyed at Turn 10's bull***t. and its not because of their S**t talking, but showing off fake crap that will eventually not look good in-game, just like what happened with Forza 3.

Information Minister3908d ago (Edited 3908d ago )

Oh come on, you have to admit that Ferrari in their presentation looked gorgeous. You know... The one that was just standing there, with no motion, with no physics or AI calculations going on, just sitting in a 2D background...

... hhhhmmmmm... Never mind.

Redrum0593908d ago

Dan Greenwalt shouldn't have been throwing the definitive word around in every sentence.
Now he has to eat his words in shame, and definitive is a big ass word lol.

SillySundae3908d ago (Edited 3908d ago )

The car model inspection "gameplay" also has the same "predictive input" technology as the STAR WARS game.
The 360 / Kinect anticipates your moves and executes them.


SynGamer3908d ago

I don't care what anyone says, Polyphony Digital absolutely nails lighting in GT5. Playing Forza 3 right now just feels like playing with plastic cars...nothing looks real.

I honestly don't see Forza 4 looking better than GT5. GT5 has been in development for 5+ years, that's what has enabled them to make the game look so good. To tweak ever little setting and calculation... *drools*

Leathersoup3908d ago

Do you mean that they have the guy repeat the same silly demo to the press afterward? I don't think so.

inveni03908d ago

They don't say that the 3D is 60fps at 1080p, do they? They just say that it's 1080p.

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KILLERAPP3908d ago

Is the developers Job to hype there product, you will never hear any developer say our game looks good but not uncharted good, they would get fired…

UltimateIdiot9113908d ago

It's okay to hype as long as they can deliver otherwise, they better be prepare to see their future sales suffer.

RageAgainstTheMShine3908d ago

if that SCEA associate producer lied too in public ... he will be fired too

Hanif-8763908d ago

Gran Turismo 5 will be a revolution in gaming!

sikbeta3908d ago

Totally, This Game is BEAST!!!

Gran Turismo 5 = The Definitive Driving Simulator

callahan093908d ago

What the hell is going on with N4G lately. Being positive or defending against negative comments about PS3 gets you nothing but debubbled and disagrees the past 2 days. You have more disagrees than agree for saying GT5 is the definite driving simulator? Really? It's a fact. Opinion literally doesn't even enter into it. The closest competition has half as many cars in the game, half as many cars in a race at a time, no night-time racing, no NASCAR, no WRC, no head-tracking, no 3D support... And there's even more features and qualities about GT5 that put it ahead of the competition besides just that stuff. It is factually and objectively the definite game of its genre.

secksi-killer3908d ago

so you would prefer to the days when idiots loke gwave had 10 bubbles for nothing but bashing the 360, and talking like his ps3 was his girlfriend?? just look at his first comment

i prefer this new bubble system, and i love seeing the idiotic fanturds with no bubbles

on-topic gt5 is incredible! truly stunning, and for me the confirmed launch date was one of the highlights of an otherwise crap E3

raztad3908d ago

So far I know GT5 runs at 1280x1080 upscaled horizontal res to 1920, thats not full 1080p. Still I find UN-BELIEVABLE they can keep such resolution natively while at the same time 60fps. Wow. I dont know, it's just unbelievable. I need more confirmation.

Sunny_D3908d ago

That was GT5: Prologue. They have done full 1080p for the full game this time around.

raztad3908d ago (Edited 3908d ago )


Bro, I'll tell you something. I'm not a racing sim fan, not at all BUT if GT5 is actually 1920x1080 during races (not Replays) I'll get this game just for the sake of an eyegasm, and to support such an EPIC achievement.

IHateYouFanboys3907d ago


no, they havent. GT5, the full release, is still upscaled 1080p.

also, IF GT5 does 1080p in 3D, it will run at 24fps as per the PS3s 3D specifications. that would be absolutely horrible for any game, let alone a driving simulator. knowing PD, they will not do that.

ico923908d ago

Turn 10 say alot of things, but its ok i like seeing insecure devs like that reduced to faboyism its kinda amusing

The Wood3908d ago

have T10 started talking sh!t ....AGAIN

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Al Bundy3908d ago

3D and 1080P at the same time is only possible on the PS3.

wazzim3908d ago

I can't wait to see my jaw drop on the floor when starting this game in November =)

peeps3908d ago

Just goes to show what can be done!

PS360PCROCKS3908d ago (Edited 3908d ago )

Ok wait hopefully someone will answer this and not just spam the disagree button. Isn't GT5 actually like 1200x1080? Than upscaled and video replays are native 1080p?

edit:: Ok thanks. Yeah I know about the garage and the replays apparently have upped AA and effects and lighting which is standard for racing games. Even at 1200/1080 that's impressive as hell. I guess taking my limited knowledge into account it's better to have 1080p vertical lines than 1920 horizontal. Becasue the vertical will help the image look more smooth. Maybe I'm dumb I dunno.

BlackKnight3908d ago

Last I heard, that's the case. Some claim when GT5 ships it will be 1920x1080. I haven't seen any articles or links to suggest that though. Have to wait to see what is discovered this November. Only things that I know are 1080P for sure is the garage and possibly replays (though I think replays are still 1200x1080P but run at 30FPS with a big jump in graphics from normal gameplay)

DigitalAnalog3908d ago

GT5 prologue is 1200 x 1080. Not so sure if that's the same resolution on GT5.

-End statement

Fishy Fingers3908d ago

In the video the Producer says "everything is 1080p, the 3D is 1080p"... Sounds like it will be 1080p to me.

Dude4203908d ago

It was stated that for GT5, the game will be 1200x1080 while playing, however, the garage to view the cars will be in 1080p.

PS360PCROCKS3908d ago (Edited 3908d ago )

Hmm confusion abound. I wonder when we'll get clarification on the true resolution. Either way it's impressive what they've done.

edit:: Really??? Wow that's amazing!! How awesome, I am going to be so excited to have this FULL HD game for my TV. God this is going to look incredible! Thank you. Btw everyone gets bubs for being helpful, I appreciate it.

Sunny_D3908d ago

I believe it was for GT5: Prologue. I read an article on GTPlanet where PD said that they reached full 1080p for the full release.

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