Gran Turismo 5 Features Over 1000 Cars

Gran Turismo 5 has been in development for years now. The game’s anticipated release date announcement was made during E3 and now more information – including the fact that Gran Turismo 5 has over 1000 licensed cars – has been unveiled about Sony and Polyphony Digital’s PlayStation 3 exclusive racer.

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Prcko5142d ago

omg,day 1 buy,epic game!!!

nix5142d ago

and don't forget "too much details"... q:

Al Bundy5142d ago

And don't forget it's all on 1 Blu-Ray disc.

AtatakaiSamurai5142d ago

I'm hoping there will be online endurance races. I couldn't find anything about this so if anyone has info about online endurance races let us know.

Hope they clean up the cheaters real fast too or implement a player feed back rating like in Demon Souls and other games or even like on XBLive with Live account user names.

The Wood5142d ago (Edited 5142d ago )

1080p 3D OR 3D in 1080p whatever floats your boat really

TotalPS3Fanboy5142d ago

because on the first day, it'll sold out even before I get to the store.

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sikbeta5142d ago (Edited 5142d ago )

This Will be Completely Epic...

radzy5142d ago

not really . check out this detailed thread on 1000 cars on neogaf.


everyone is really dissapointed.

200 premium cars (list isnt released yet) that have detailed outside , inside , cockpit , interior and....

800 non premium cars(list isnt released yet) that have gt4 detailed outside, NO inside, No cockpit , and No interior.

its a sad day

Dee_915142d ago

"Players who own Gran Turismo PSP and Gran Turismo 5 Prologue can transfer cars unlocked in that game directly to their garage in Gran Turismo 5 for use in Arcade Mode through special cross-talk interoperability."


Redempteur5142d ago

we knew that since the launch of gt psp ...

the option is in OPTION menu of gt psp.....

Dee_915142d ago

i know but i didnt know prologue too

.. i worked hella hard for that ferrari f2007 lol

TheTwelve5142d ago

Happy to hear this because Gran Turismo 2 was my favorite in series if only because it contained TOO many cars. Love it.


erathaol5142d ago

$60 feels like a steal for all the features, content and graphical beauty that GT5 will have.

Strikepackage Bravo5142d ago

and only 200 of them are highly detailed, the rest are just copies from older Gtgames, WTF, 5 years to just port over the cars from the older games??? Seriously?

"In fact, most of the standard cars have been taken from previous GT games and optimized for the PS3's graphics shader. For the record, even though standard cars can't be damaged in the same ways that premium models can, they'll still be susceptible to physics-based damage, dents, dirt, and scratches."---Gamespot GT5 hands on


Lifendz5142d ago (Edited 5142d ago )

Not one person trolled damage. Good stuff guys. Bubbles for all. Day one for me as well and I've never played a GT game.

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Taggart4515142d ago

Even with that many cars, it better be the best game ever. Nothing else can justify such a long time.

maddhatter1235142d ago (Edited 5142d ago )

yeah long dev times didn't help too human, alan wake and splinter cell conviction at all. seeing as gt has always been the definitive racer for all real racing fans i know for a fact it will be the best racing game ever till gt6. other games couldn' even compete with gt5p so there is nothing to worry about.

AtatakaiSamurai5142d ago (Edited 5142d ago )

GT is a series well known for delays. All GTs have been delayed to the point of fans tearing their hair out except maybe for GT1 but even that was delayed a bit too if I remember correctly.

If you knew GT then you'd know this. It is also a series well known to deliver in spades when it does actually come out.

ClownBelt5142d ago

How can anyone say there's a delay in release date of GT5 when Sony themselves never announced any release date in the first place?

DigitalRaptor5142d ago

They actually did announce a March 2010 release date for Japan, which was obviously delayed, but no other region.

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ncadika5142d ago

Never played any GT game, but this looks awesome!!

MGRogue20175142d ago (Edited 5142d ago )

Just imagine driving EVERY SINGLE ONE OF 'EM... & also admire the looks & instruments of all the different cockpits in each one.. Wow! :D