Euro HD-DVD price cut iffy

Microsoft has remained traditionally tight-lipped about the possibility of a European Xbox 360 HD-DVD player price cut.

It follows earlier news that the platform holder had used some small business scissors to snip 20 bucks off the asking price in the US, taking it to USD 179.

"We currently have no announcements to make at this stage regarding a price cut of the Xbox 360 HD-DVD Drive for the UK," a spokesperson for Microsoft told Eurogamer.

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Rageanitus5420d ago

The elite should have had an Internal HD-dvd drive, hence making it elite over the premium drive.

But this just shows ms is not confident in the format.

omansteveo5420d ago

Yeah they believe the future is digital distribution and they are sticking by that hence why it isnt built in i guess either way this war goes theres gonna be options for every body and thats good