Full Resident Evil 5 trailer

Capcom's has released the full, three-minute version of the Resident Evil 5 trailer shown at E3. The trailer is embedded below, HD version is available at the source.

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Anego Montoya FTMFW5420d ago

RE5 you did it, you completly surpassed RE4.
game of the year - 2009

riksweeney5420d ago

It looks OK, a bit too much like RE4 with just more zombies on screen (so probably like the Wii version).

Hopefully RE5 will stick to the same locations, I always thought it was a bit odd in RE4 that the locations you were in changed so dramatically. Eastern European Villages, Ancient Castles, Docks, Labs, it all felt a bit thrown together.

JsonHenry5420d ago

Really? I thought it felt and looked like RE. I like the change of pace myself. But I would not be telling the truth if I said I did not want a remake of RE3 though. : )

Gorgon5420d ago (Edited 5420d ago )

Rikesweeney, RE4 was not in eastern european villages; it was in Spain.

sticky doja5420d ago

I loved RE4 so much, but this looks like its gonna blow RE4 out the water. I do, however, wish we had something like the Wiimote to play it with, I dont know if you guys tried RE4 on the Wii but it made the shooting mechanics out of this world acurate. With that many zombies on screen I sure wish I could just point and shoot.

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neil19885420d ago

i agree i just wish they looked more like the old zombies they looked more scary but yes it looks fantastik. perobuly one of the best resident evil games of all time

Azurite5420d ago

The answer to that is that they're not zombies.
Were no zombies in RE4 and it looks like there won't be any zombies in RE5 judging by the trailer, but they've only showed very little so far.

Marcello5420d ago

WOW !! at 1.40 mins where the guy starts to bleed from his eyes and nose and then runs full charge at Chris reminded me of the rage virus from 28 weeks later just watched that movie 2 days ago truly terrifying, we defo saw quite a bit of gameplay footage in there, heard alot of familiar sound effects too. I loved that new punching move at 2.23. Please dont let it be true that we gotta wait till 2009 for this.

Umbrella Corp5420d ago

i loved this trailer but am i the only one who seeks horror suspense and story like previos r.e.s (excluding 4).i loved 4 but it didnt feel like a r.e. game i want to know more about ada's organization wesker and umbrella.R.E. 6 should bring this back,in no offense this game reminds me of dead rising.

TL245420d ago (Edited 5420d ago )

Lookin good! but anyone know what happened to the "PS3 RSX" post from last night? I was gonna finish readin up on it but seems like it was deleted or something? o_O

@ 3.1 - Thanks man appreciate it! =D

Kleptic5420d ago

it failed approval...take most of that with a grain of salt sir...its from the Sony protection group...while a lot of the "most powerful GPU and CPU ever combined" was true back when some of that was announced...the PC market moves extremely quickly...either way you can finish reading whatever you started through that link...

JsonHenry5420d ago

Yeah, my 8800GTX is laughing at the consoles as we speak.

The truth is - the PS3's video card was a generation old by the time the PS3 launched. And the video card in the Xbox 360 was ahead of it's time for about 6 months when it launched but it is now obsolete in terms of the PC's current abilities with the new ATi video cards available.

neil19885420d ago

im geting this on the playstation 3

Kleptic5420d ago

does look good...why does the guys voice sound extremely familiar?...Like familiar as in recent movie familiar... (I haven't played the original with Redfield since I was like 12)

unless Capcom announces a Dead Rising 2...this is the only game I am even remotely interested in from them...

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