Kinect Forza Demo: Do Not Want

TechnaBob: To show off the capabilities of the new Kinect, Microsoft presented a demo of Forza Motorsport, which will be released next year. The demo showed how we can drive cars just by putting our hands in the “10 and 2 positions,” as if holding a steering wheel. I think it also involves stepping on imaginary brakes and pedals. I don’t know.

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van-essa4912d ago

Next article will be about how much they "don't care".


The fact that 360's 2 biggest games by far, Gears 3 and Halo: Reach, do not have Kinect support, nor do the developers plan to implement it, proves Kinect is NOT optimal for hardcore games.

On the flip-side, the fact that PS3's 2 biggest shooters, KZ2 and SOCOM 4, have FULL PS Move support proves PS Move IS optimal for hardcore games.

MNicholas4911d ago (Edited 4911d ago )

is not picking up on the fact that this is "demo" was fake.

Watch the hand on-screen move before the guy's hand at 3:00.

Microsoft is the only gaming company passing off fake "demos" and fake endorsements.

What does that say about their confidence in their own products?

Snakefist304911d ago (Edited 4911d ago )

My Dad will make fun of me If I do this kind of things like waving my arms and legs around like an idiot.SERIOUSLY!!!!

dalibor4911d ago

This is what Al Bundy thinks of Kinect...
With all this motion business I to feel like jumping myself.

twostep184911d ago

shit i rofled lol

NYPunkster4911d ago

So checkout the hand movement 3:00 - 3:04 oops! Another fake demonstration. lol

twostep184911d ago

holy sh!t lol
its starts movin like 5 sec b4 his hand
good observation

rbrtchng4911d ago

Another fake demo. I'm kinda pissed about this sort of shit that MS pull now.

Karum4911d ago (Edited 4911d ago )

That's a pretty good spot there....clearly not real.

If there is any lag in the game/demo it is supposed to lag behind you...not you lag behind the movements you're supposed to be making in the game.

Although in saying that I would expect that kind of thing to work as demo'd when they get it finished, I doubt it's beyond the capabilities of Kinect to actually accomplish what they were trying to show.

Still pretty fail being showed up like that though, basically the 2010 version of Milo.

Pandemic4911d ago

My arms would get tired by just holding them up for the whole race...

jakethemuss4911d ago

To accelerate your car you make noises

"VROOOMMMMMM" or "vroom"

This combined with the hands for a wheel create the ultimate driving experience.

SillySundae4911d ago (Edited 4911d ago )

brakes too!!!


badz1494911d ago

"user experiences that could not be delivered until now"?? - how hard is it to do THAT using normal controllers?

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astar1234567894913d ago

the hole thing on kincet leave the way it was

Paradise Lost4911d ago

Wow you look really retarded trying to look at the car.

Tony-Red-Grave4911d ago

microsoft should stop its bleeding shit everywhere and anywhere in its hardcore fans section. realky this is just terrible and im not putting move into the convo since its solely kinect

twostep184911d ago

dude is acting
hes not even playing that sh1t
so annoying

bjornbear4911d ago

first time I saw it i genuinely thought he was playing it.

this is the 3rd fake "game" MS shows for Kinect

no wonder they don't present a price, they know it will fail