What PSN+ Has to Have to Get My Money (Hint: Steam!)

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"With so much confusion and speculation about what exactly PSN+ is and the question of its value, I have decided to create a list of the features I hope that it has. These features are not a wish list, but an expansion and explanation of what I believe the touted features should be like. There is also a theory about Steam floating around the internet; I will get to why this is a possibility in a bit."

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DA_SHREDDER3201d ago

Steam would be cool, especially if I could use the cross game chat to talk to all my friends on pc as well as the ps3. But seriously, Sony got me fucked up if they think im buying playstation plus and it doesn't have x game chat. Are they fuckin delusional? Sony, get your heads out of your asses with this issue. I would rather have cross game chat then everything that your trying to offer with psn plus. I got enough games to play.

Montrealien3201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

What I learned from this comment.

DA_Shredder is willing to pay a year subscribtion simply for cross game chat.

What I learned from this Story.

People are willing to pay a yearly subscription to play games that are already available on the PC.

is it me, or is the sony fandom world all upside down atm? At least judging from comments talking about xbox exclussives being on the PC and the fact that Live is not worth the yearly subscription.

Tomdc3200d ago

I want cross game chat for free for everybody when it comes out!! I wanna be able to chat with friends who have decided not to purchase PSN+ thank you very much.

BeaArthur3201d ago

Steam would be cool. It would also be nice to have no disc for Netflix. Some good points but as long as I can still play for free I doubt I will be paying them any time soon.

sikbeta3201d ago

Totally Awesome if Steam comes to PS3, I want some CS old School Gaming

Montrealien3201d ago

don`t you have a PC for that? I mean, I am all for the amazing PS3 exclussives, but CS:S is already pretty bad ass, on PC.

mcslick1013201d ago

CS:S on consoles would ruin CS:S.

Christopher3201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

I'm fine with what it has now. I spend enough money as it is on PSN, now I'll save on what I can get for free as well as the discount. My Rock Band purchases alone total $100+ each year, If I can save on 10% of that and get the other features, I'm cool with that.

I think getting Qore for free is kind of a no-brainer. The digital magazine has gone down hill in what it provides in the last six months because the information is always at least one month, if not two or three, after what was already published in a magazine or online. It's been a long time since Qore has showed me anything new or different about a game.

I guess this isn't so bad, but would prefer they instead focus on improving the quality of the content of it rather than just packaging it with PS+.

As far as Steam? F*** yeah. Add in Steam's own x-game chat capabilities and their Steam Cloud service for offline save files and auto-updates? It would put PSN right up there with XBL in a second, honestly.

Montrealien3201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

I like how you just basicly justified Live, it is refreshing to see people seeing the advantages of a paying service like live, MS should make the silver packadge have online play, but take out cross game chat and other feature, like PSN+ is doing it.

And I agree, PSN+ is totally worth it. But I will keep my steam on my PC, no need for it on the PS3, at least not for me However I am happy at the possibility that some people would find use in it though. That is if they don`t have a decent gaming PC for a better steam experience.

Christopher3201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

I've never not justified Live. I think for the $50 a year you get the best online service on a console. I'm not saying I think they couldn't make online play free and just sell the added features, but Live is worth the meager amount you pay for year.

Now, the other bit of Steam is uniting PC and console player's in the games that it is possible (since PS3 utilized dedicated servers) to grow both communities at once.

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GunShotEddy3201d ago

Man, why would I pay to buy on Steam. Steam should come free so I can DL off it.

hamsterfist3201d ago

The article ends saying exactly that. =)

donnaluke20033201d ago

Yeah, that's the funny part. Dude didn't read apparently.

donnaluke20033201d ago

Sony should of done this stuff a long time ago.......

jjesso19933201d ago

why do people keep asking for cross voice chat in psn + ? sony are just going to listen to this and think people would be all right about that cross voice should free feature.

Omar913201d ago

what the heck is steam? doesnt sound like a game. can anyone clarify for me please?

HDgamer3201d ago

google is your friend and also youtube.

Nelson M3201d ago

It's something that comes out of your Xbox after its been on for a little while

da305kratos3201d ago

that allows digital distribution of games. you can create a friends list, profile, join groups, it also does auto updates for games and so on...

If you game on PC you should definitely try it

oh and best of all, the sales they put on are crazy good

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