Two Worlds: 'Vault' website launches

Two Worlds Vault, is dedicated to all things Two Worlds for both the PC and Xbox 360.
Two Worlds is an epic RPG, set in a giant open-ended world, where your choices and decisions will greatly affect the world around you. Go out and explore, save townspeople in trouble, or be a relentless entity of evil...

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Rowland5410d ago

As some of you will recognise I am on a crusade (excuse the pun) to get more interest & enthusiasm for these amazing RPGs. The Two Worls Vault website is very good news for fans of the genre & particularly the game itself.

Groo5410d ago

I've been reading some PC reviews from Aust, and they say this game is crap on pc.. bummer... hope its better on 360..

Rowland5410d ago

most of the reviews/build up are very positive so no reason to expect a let down.
The PC version has had problems but the developers have treated it like a beta to fix them.
That's why the release was delayed 3 months.

Rowland5410d ago

Oblivion had so many bugs & loading time issues it was unreal !
All fixed in the end for one of the most amazing RPGs ever.
Two Worlds should be every bit as good.

nirwanda5410d ago

I'm waiting for mass effect but if this gets good reviews it may be worth it for the free MMO stuff alone