Nintendo: Their own worst enemy

As we all know, Nintendo once ruled the video gaming skies. Titles were published for their systems or fell into the abyss. Soon, however, there came a time when the almighty Nintendo looked around in confusion as its once-loyal companions deserted them for greener pastures. The Nintendo 64 and Gamecube, though still playing host to some of the finest games of all time, fell by the wayside due to lack of third-party support. It is a problem that has plagued Nintendo to this day, and something they are desperately trying to correct with the Wii.

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MySwordIsHeavenly5397d ago

Kinda freaked me out that no one commented yet. it's a really good article. You should all read it. I do agree with most of it. Nintendo did get everything right. Not quite sure HOW Sony took over, but it did. I love sony, but i dont know how it took over. The PS2 is significantly better than the GC of course, the the xbox is better than the just doesn't have ne good games. PS2 has the best games right now...of ANY system. And whoever said Halo was a port of Tribes...props to was a HUGE rip-off of tribes. I don't like either game, because...they just suck...they do. There are WAY better fps's out there. I'm still not buying a wii, but if i somehow get enough money after the PS3...i actually might. Christmas maybe?

Dragonopolis5396d ago (Edited 5396d ago )

Gamecube wasn't really that bad of a system. It was not quite as powerful as the Xbox and better than the PS2 but it was cheaper than both! I think they just alienated themselves from the world (What about that awful controller design).

I guess Nintendo just wanted to get it right this time. From what I see, the Wii is just a pumped up Gamecube with a better (or is it?) controller this time.

That isn't really bad. I don't think the world is ready for HD. I don't think the Wii can last Five Years though. Luckily for Nintendo it shouldn't take long to recoop the cost back so three or four years for a new system is possible.