Dissasembly of 360 "Slim"

Photos of the insides of the 360 "Slim"

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Blaze9294848d ago

wow still looks as crowded as ever. And they say they fixed RRoD huh?

kingjoker344847d ago

yeah cause they took out the red light lmao.
so it is impossible to even see red lights on the new 360, good way to trick the casual market.

darthv724846d ago

should be able to do some new slimmer 360 portables now.

Rumor has it they have been working on revising the physical form since 07 so for them to have put so much time and effort into making it look like this it had better not go wrong.

Then again, sony put allot of time and effort into the ps3 and it gets a ylod just after the years warranty is up.

Point is, people will find fault in anything they have no interest in simply because they can. No matter if its deserved or not...they just will.

I will be retiring my original pro for one of these slims real soon.

DJexs4846d ago

thats microsoft for yah they are tricky. I honestly was expecting a leprechaun to be inside that thing when they opened it up.

DaCajun4846d ago

All the "slim" Xbox 360 sales will be from current Xbox gamers/fanboys trading in their old one for a new one even though their old one still works just to boost their beloved consoles sales. I'm not trading mine in, I've had it since 2006 and it still works when I use it so why get a new one if it works fine?

I just don't understand psychotic fanboy logic at all.

DJexs4846d ago


shhh do not say that I got reported for trolling by saying that.

darthv724846d ago

"All the "slim" Xbox 360 sales will be from current Xbox gamers/fanboys "

Lets think back to when the ps3 slim came out. If I do recall there were plenty of so called ps3 gamers/fanboys proclaiming they were purchasing the slim.

Not "ALL" but i would say a good majority of the ones on this site have done that so why is it wrong for 360 fans to do the same?

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Kurt Russell4847d ago


Troll chumps

kingjoker344847d ago

/do you really want to argue that it wont happen?

Kurt Russell4847d ago

No, but I would rather wait until there is something tangible to argue with...

And anyway, I don't have the bubbles to argue.

I see no point in crying foul unless it starts to occur; it seems to make sense to have fixed it by now.

Ocelot5254847d ago

yes, I don't really think m$ is that stupid to reintroduce RROD

oh wait, they are crazy:

midgard2294847d ago

aaaaactually my friend got the 360 and it stopped working yesterday, , it just freezes and stops working after a while ,Ms is sending him another.

he's pissed but i just laughed, so he's stuck using his regular 360.

told him not to buy it

midgard2294847d ago

steve balmer is a true MS fanboy lol. he's wat all the little fanboys on this site want to grow up to be :)

WetN00dle694847d ago

Well been using mine for a couple of hours now and its been working flawlessly.

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tommyth3cat4847d ago

As long as its properly vented it doesn't matter how "crowded" it looks. The main culprit of RROD was cause by Microsoft thinking they could design their own graphics chip and then cutting corners in that process.

dragonelite4847d ago

lol they didn't design the GPU come on go read some facts GPU was designed by ATI and CPU by IBM.

Rrod was because smoldering smelt and disconnect because of the heat and word is that the new 360 is pushing heat out like no tomorrow.

tommyth3cat4847d ago

Yeah maybe you should read info from sites that actually know what they are talking about.

Microsoft designed the first set of gfx chips and cut corners so they failed. The problem you are talking about was idiots that left their 360 on for days or on carpet so it wasn't properly vented.

Garnett4846d ago

ATI made the Xbox 360 GPU, Which is better than the "C311" and "RSX".

My Jasper (which is now outdated) doesnt even get hot, let alone RROD.

greatjimbo784847d ago

"wow still looks as crowded as ever."

Not something we can say about your brain cells though.

kingjoker344847d ago

also not something we can say about MS

darthv724846d ago

•The shine on the case shows every fingerprint
•Face plate is no longer detachable
•They are still using the original X clamp on the chipset
•Free floating disk drive
•Didn’t come with a data transfer kit
•Didn’t come with HDMI cables only av

Honestly, people said the same about the piano black finish on the ps3 and psp. Doesnt make them any less of a console.

Faceplate thing...I never changed mine so to me this isnt much of a con.

X clamp shouldnt be viewed as a con considering it was never determined that it was the cause of the RROD. Bad solder points and heat warping of the board is more likely.

Tray drives for discs are nothing new and pretty much any tray drive will scratch a disc if you flip the sucker over while spinning. My ps2 has scratched disc from changing it to upright from laying flat when playing a game. Guess what...my fault for not stopping the damn game!

No data xfr kit...no real need if you are a new purchaser. Why doesnt the ps3 come with an external usb enclosure to put your drive into when you swap it out?

HDMI cables are personal preference. If you got a 6ft cable chances are you would have needed something longer and still bitched. AV is standard. HDMI is personal choice. I had to buy an hdmi cable when i bought my sony bluray player (aka PS3).

I will say though that they should go back to using the HD/AV cables instead of just the plain reg ones.

Theonik4846d ago

This is the year 2010 though. Both the Wii and PS3 learned from the mistakes of a tray design and dropped it. The old 360 also scratched disks while moved but they still haven't learned. Also the PS3 now has the ability to do data transfer over an Ethernet cable so you don't need an enclosure just a cheap cable. They should have implemented that feature.

Dorwrath4846d ago

Actually it is coming with the data transfer kit. According to Microsoft and Major Nelsons dashboard video

XactGamer4846d ago

N4G ^^^ it's getting out of control ^^^ I came in to read about the motherboard because I build PC's and all I see is a mile long troll conga line.

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DoomeDx4847d ago

Jesus that guy really loves his site.

site-name watermarks on every picture..making them annoying to look at

dirthurts4846d ago

Nothing unusual here. If I was the first to mod a new console I would have my logo all over it too.
It's great for creating traffic to his site.

jjesso19934847d ago

wanted this but turns out its still a crapbox Its stupid they cant fix simple heating issues. what are people are goning think when there pushed for next gen xbox even after hardware redsign they cant fix a simple error I wont touch any of microsoft hardware ever again.

dirthurts4846d ago

Don't knock it unless you actually know what you're talking about.
My rig at home uses a similar clamp system at 3.8ghz (quad core) and there are no problems whatsoever.
The older clamp was just too thin and warped.
The new clamp looks fine.